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Trump tweeter tales and prima facie prevails


Stopsicle Trumpcycle Versicle
Impeachment doubt? Can’t throw him out? Vote him out!

This is a modern satirical versicle to be spoken or sung by a leader (L) in a public gathering (perhaps a campaign rally) and followed by a response (R) from the people. It is like the chants and shoutouts we see and hear on TV prime time news, computers and boob tube.

(L) All good people please listen here
(R) We are listening our neurons glistening
(L) It is about POTUS 45 I have some doubt
(R) Why not vote him out. Just vote him out
(L) He does not think and tweets too much
(R) His ideas stink. He is out of touch
(L) He constantly repeats what he just said
(R) His reasonable and rational brain parts are dead
(L) He often seems angry, dazed, and confused
(R) Logic and common sense brain parts not used
(L) He encourages followers negative chants
(R) That boosts the hype of his racist rants
(L) On his being reelected I have some doubt
(R) Vote him out! Vote him out! Vote him out!
(L) Doral summit, VP in Doonbeg, Scotch airport
(R) New input for breaking emolument clause report
(L) Tariffs failing, no process diplomacy revolting
(R) National Security Advisor # 3 Bolton is bolting
(L) 45 at UN scowling much more often than smiling
(R) How many cases against him people are filing
(L) Impeachment hearings are scheduled to begin
(R) The US Senate will veto. People’s votes will win. 
Let Us All Admit: Truth and BS
Inspired by Jane Hirshfield’s ‘Let Them Not Say’—1953
Let us all admit: we saw the denying deceptive sides of it
What did we do?
Let us all admit: what Congress, doctors and lawyers said of it
What did we do?
Let us all admit: he lied about ever reading most of it
What did we do?
Let us all admit: he has difficulty speaking truth about it
What did we do?
Let us all admit: obstruction and criminality witnessed to wit
What did Robert Mueller do?
A two volume investigation of wrongdoing on it
Let us all admit: Giuliani /Biden/ Ukraine shakedown game
What did Congress do?
Let us all admit: they did something about it
What will we do?
Let us all admit: there is still more to be done.
What will we do?
Let us vote in the next election about it.
What did I do?
You must admit: I wrote a Q&A sonnet on it.

Joey aka Pepe Batbon is a retired educator who taught in the CNMI, NOLA, and LVNV. He is a sonnet practitioner who enjoys stargazing.


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