Tweet Policy Farts Jumps and Starts


What president has ever tweeted so much
accomplished so little with babyish squealing
all his pettiness and narcissism revealing
incompetence ineptitude totally out of touch
totally devoid of reflection about anything
except desire to be totalitarian king of bling
what president has ever left the nation reeling
at the utter nonsense of his pronouncements
strange logic or lack thereof out of his mouth
seeming with little or no thought or foresight
some folks calling him a bottomless Pinocchio
over seven thousand lies in his first two years
sitting in an oval office he has little respect for
piling up shame before he goes out the door.

Tragic Tweeting Tales
“Notre histoire noble et tragique comme le masque d’un tyran.”
—Guillaume Apollinaire, 1880-1918

His reign pathetic, tragic
as any would be tyrant
reality TV unreal magic
indifferent to facts, details
abhorrent of common sense
Three generals trying to find
ways to help him steer clear
of boxing himself in now gone
more obstinance, self absorption
where he constantly returns

Tragic tweeting tales
dying in cyberspace.

Fools, Farce and Fraud: Russians Applaud

Well D.C. lawyers and legislators hemmed and hawed
about what was fast becoming a classic French farce
45’s narcissism refused to let his conscience be gnawed
his longer Tweet sheets becoming impossible to parse
Special Counsel and staff over grand jury papers pawed
releasing little to the Congressional and WH reporter pool
as 45 remained obstinate and stubborn as an old mule
political pundits play pick your Presidential abuse poison
sexual campaign election sins & Russian ruble money bins
political, criminal, and money fraud, where did it all begin
we should laud the diligence of Special Counsel Mueller
as the 45th POTUS keeps getting angrier and crueler
do pardons for all the Trumpian political criminals lie ahead
from the Crimean Black Sea to the Kremlin
Russians applaud.

‘I Have a Gut…’: Some Ifs and Bigly Buts
“ I’m not happy with the Fed. They’re making a mistake because I have a gut and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me.”
—Donald J. Trump, 45th POTUS

Yes the nation is well aware of Donald Trump’s guts
it seems he believes deeply about his own instincts
somewhere way down in the vicinity of his denial buts
we realize his self centered thinking just plain stinks
his compulsive Tweeting diarhhea runs out of his mouth
a die hard golf ball goofball whose gut tells him all from
Russian trouble in Syria and Crimea to Mexico in the South
all precede the penultimate Trumpty Dumpty downfall
his know it all gut rushes in where his brain rarely treads
a peanut brained believer in most every conspiracy theory
filled up with nonsense tangled in his tweeting threads
“Incurious.” says Sully Sullenberger, to make a query
so the POTUS says, “I’m not happy with the Fed.”
The world is not happy with what is inside 45’s head.

Joey 'Pepe Batbon' Connolly (Special to the Saipan Tribune)

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