UV-C Light that kills viruses now in CNMI

Posted on Jun 03 2020


Live Well UV president Bill Giles at a UV-C Lightning demonstration at a hotel.(CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS)

The outbreak of COVID-19 declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization last March and has killed almost 400,000 people around the world as we speak, has proven to be an immediate crisis and is believed to be a long-term challenge.

But new technology based on trusted science by Live Well UV (USA), distributor of American UltraViolet, improves our ability to respond to various viruses and possibly including COVID-19.

According to Live Well UV president Bill Giles, since ancient times people have put their wash to dry in the sun to get disinfected. “UV is basically sunlight but stronger… American Violet has UV-C that is much higher energy and shorter wavelength than what we experience with either UV-A or UV-B….Live Well’s American Ultraviolet systems disinfects air, water, and surfaces against bacteria, mold, spores, and virus contamination. UV-C light has been around for over 100 years and new designs for both mobile and permanently mounted light fixtures neutralize up to 99.9% of active pathogens,” he said.

“Although there has been no testing performed yet on the COVID-19 strain, several coronaviruses similar in COVID-19 construction have been found to be susceptible to Ultra Violet-C energy. It is believed that COVID-19 is an enveloped virus with a single positive-stranded RNA genome. Coronaviruses have an envelope composed of a lipid bilayer, proteins, and sugars with a protein capsid… The formation of these dimers is what inhibits the ability of the chain to replicate which in turn leads to the UV technically doesn’t “kill” bacteria, but rather it inhibits replication, or sterilizes it, by destroying the DNA,” he added.

Live Well UV-C focuses on installing UV-C lighting to disinfect medical facilities, clinics, dental clinics, hotels, restaurants, banks, offices and even private residences.

Giles said that a typical room 20ft x 20ft can be disinfected in approximately 20 minutes. “There is no residue, no ozone, or other contaminates and the room can be used immediately after American Ultraviolet is turned off. UV light does not affect electronics, papers, carpeting, or plants. Live Well UV focuses on installing UV-C lighting to disinfect medical facilities, clinics, dental clinics, hotels, restaurants, banks, offices, and even private residences.”

“Anywhere that people gather or in an environment where pathogens grow can be disinfected with American Ultraviolet. Whether suspended in air or on table top, our UV-C destroys viruses and it kills where liquids or fogging disinfects cannot reach,” he added.

Giles and his engineer son have manufactured medical and laboratory testing equipment in Michigan and have sold them worldwide. “On a trip to Singapore, I decided to stop on Saipan and explore whether company could manufacture equipment here or service Asian market… Majority of my time is spent educating people as to how they can incorporate UV-C lighting alongside their normal cleaning routine,” he said.

“Our American Ultraviolet is economical to run, last for up to 12,000 hours, no costly chemicals to buy, no additional employee time is needed. Live Well UV can custom design a UV light system to work within customer’s location. High quality quartz UV lamps are made in USA along with standard equipment while custom units are assembled on Saipan. Our supplier is one of the oldest and largest UV manufacturers in America and has installed over 100,000 installations worldwide,” he added.

Live Well UV offers to come to any business to conduct a demo, to measure and calculate what is needed and to disinfect a room free of charge. For more information, call Bill Giles at (670) 284-7787 and email: livewellUV@gmail.com or Live Well UV vice president Paul Zak at (670) 287-4569 and email zakcnmi@gmail.com.

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