Village rage is real!


With the economy sputtering and sliding steadily south, the frustrated discontentment in the villages aren’t calculated rages but a realistic daily people experience. What are spouted in the news media versus real life experiences are oceans apart.

As the hardship intensifies, I quiz what have incumbents done to put this issue into perspective backed by measures to begin the long road to economic recovery. None!

What we assumed as negligence has given birth to two problems at the higher level: 1). An elite group that instantly ignored people it represents. 2). The obvious lack of the requisite qualifications for policymaking piled by the lack of a decent vetting process.

The elite group waltzes and dines with rich donors while the people it represents—a marginalized subculture unto itself—are left alone in the storm to fend for themselves.

This is where disconnection is severed. But incumbents would brave returning to ask for our votes in order to live luxuriously in their superficial culture. Nowhere do we find “we the people” in this equation.

Also heard tons of whispers how filthy rich corporations are out to fund the campaign cost of favorite lapdogs to protect their interests. I have sufficient materials to write a book where the suspicious tentacles lead to shield lapdogs. Interesting!

About the only reason for civility still in place is the sense of respect coming from the subgroup struggling to make heads and tails of its forced condition in abject poverty. Like volcanic eruption, this too would explode in the near term. It would be quite an ugly eruption of No Mas!

Take stock: Other than boasting as part time employees of Parks and Recreation show us what have you done up this alley. It’s vital to know how your measure would help the 51 percent of workers who are under federal poverty income level. Must show benefits using solid numbers!

The gradual expiry of CW workers’ contracts and their eventual repatriation shows the NMI negligent of its end of responsibility. It failed rigorous training and educating of its workforce to fill positions in both sectors. Show voters measures you’ve taken, in concert with the public school system and NMC, to fulfill NMI obligation to upgrade the skills of our local workforce. Or was this issue sleepwalked time and again? Snoozing, huh?

Medicaid is likely to suffer a heavy blow, specifically the Affordable Care Act under Obamacare. There’s every indication national republicans would repeal it sometime next year. Recently, the Obama administration has been funding a certain portion of the program without U.S. Congressional appropriations. This is illegal per an adjudicated federal court decision!

Have you delved into this issue with the view to providing the requisite funds to cushion it in the event funds are cut out completely? How much would this require and do we have the money for it? Or did pass above your heads?

The number of patients sent to off-island medical centers costs millions of dollars annually. How much is this figure and isn’t it time that alternatives are found including the hiring of medical specialists who could work out of CHC? What else do we need to do collectively as a community to mitigate debilitating long-term illnesses like diabetes, kidney failure and subsequent dialysis, heart issues and cancer associated with use of betel nut?

Recalibrate: Have you taken the time to critically review investments in the various sectors and whether in fact it has helped the alienated indigenous people? Who decides form and rate of investments and shouldn’t such disposition come from the indigenous people? Where do we factor in planned military build-up and tourism? Are the indigenous people just cogs or superficial cushion in the decision-making process?

It’s obvious the lack of leadership from this administration clueless of the consequence of its lazy carelessness in the disposition of issues of substance. It’s a tale of the lack of experience from a team that never received the mandate of “we the people.” I liken the rumblings downstairs as an impending earthquake ready to erupt anytime now. The eruption could get very ugly!

The village rage is real and increasing in decibels by the day. Let’s see what the toxic performance by republicans would do to admit its woefully warped sense of leadership.

Hostile Venues: Occasionally, I’d crash into coffee shops or venues frequented by the simple folks at home to listen to their sentiments on issues.

Admittedly, these would be hostile places for incumbents. Nah! I heard unrehearsed raw spouts that instantly nail anyone seeking re-election. I suppose folks, unassuming they may be, have picked-up quickly on the vicious toxic performance of republicans riddled with failure and are saying, “No Mas!” And they are talking straight from their empty family pocketbooks!

It’s a dangerously slippery slope and only those who prepare for the arduous journey would survive the long climb to imperial Capital Hill. It takes resolute leadership to capitalize on the obvious incompetency and inadequacies of the GOP. It’s an easy game book plan to rip and dump in trash bins anywhere.

Legacy: When we walk through familiar landscape, like snails moving through the garden, we leave behind a trail. It’s called legacy.

It’s lasting contribution you leave behind for others to follow in your sphere of influence. If you’re a teacher all your life, what is it in your career fellow instructors would find of special value they could use in their own daily work in the classroom?

I ask the same of doctors, nurses, school administrators, carpenters, plumbers, auto-mechanics, cabinet members, legislators, musicians, and trash collector. We all have our individual contributions no matter your station in life. What’s yours?

John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Contributing Author
John DelRosario Jr. is a former publisher of the Saipan Tribune and a former secretary of the Department of Public Lands.

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