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Virtues/Vices: An Intergalactic Intermission

Posted on Jun 21 2021

A Little T.O.E. From Joe
(An acrostic Theory of Everything)

Many 21st century mathematicians and physicists say a Theory of Everything will be the marriage of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and quantum mechanics. The idea behind my T.O.E. is “Entropy” is the ultimate “Evolution” of “Life” as we know it.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the state of entropy of the entire universe, as an isolated system, will always increase over time. The second law also states the changes in the entropy of the universe can never be negative.

Cosmologists theorize the universe is expanding in all directions. Eventually everything will be so far away from everything else that nothing will be visible. We are heading into inevitable darkness. Life as we know it continues. Here is my attempt to condense a fractious T.O.E into a 14-line sonnet.

E Energy, more needed, heeded, stars seeded, repeated
N Now, nevermore, after before, in and out the door
T Tells tales talks the talks withers away then walks
R Random restrictions; plenty of polarized predictions
O Organized chaos coalescing into galaxies and stars
P Particle neutrinos go through your brain and house
Y Your consciousness from first breath to old age

E Elemental thoughts, emotions, and memories
V Variety, selection, and micro cellular change
O Opens minds and chances as a yellow sun cooks
L Life, living it then not, frozen seas, desert hot
U Union of zygotes, dust motes, bearded billy goats
T Time traveling, curvature of time and space
I  Incessant mutations, novel symmetric situations
O Oceans of neurons, neural synapses and salt
N Necessity to adapt to gravity and environment

L Love, hate, birth, death, sun, star and planet shine
I Intelligent beings, feeling, thinking, sensing, seeing
F Firmament, terra firma, fecund, forged in fire
E Evolution toward an ultimately dark universe

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