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As a citizen of the NMI, Covenant Day to me is a day of liberation. I’m very grateful that I’m born a U.S. citizen. Without this citizenship, it would be pretty difficult to travel and go to other places where you would normally just walk through as a U.S. citizen. I thank God everyday that our ancestors and the United States made this pact, because without it life would be much harder. Because of the sacrifices and hardships our ancestors endured to get this treaty, we the younger generation get to reap the blessings from it. Not only I am proud to celebrate 46 years since this Covenant was made but I also believe that it will be one that lasts. Thank you, God bless and happy Covenant Day!

—Faith Pua
—Currently residing in Honolulu, Hawaii

Covenant Day is when the CNMI became part of the United States. …What Covenant Day means to me is that we are privileged as the people of CNMI to have a U.S. citizenship and have a voice in our government and our leaders.
—Merlene Pelisamen

What I know about Covenant Day is when the CNMI agreed to become a U.S. territory and now residents of the CNMI hold citizenship under the United States and it’s become a holiday where we can celebrate. The significance of this holiday is we became a commonwealth, which allowed us to create our own constitution as a semi-sovereign nation. Personally, I feel thankful because having this relationship with the United States gives us protection, helps whenever a calamity hits us. For instance, when typhoon Yutu hit our islands, the United States sent its military and financial aid to help rebuild our island.
—Marryleen Aldan

Covenant Day is a holiday that commemorates the union made between the U.S. and Northern Marianas Islands. Covenant Day marks an important event in the CNMI’s rich history. Covenant Day to me means I get to remind myself once again of the privilege I have of living here in the CNMI, where I get to enjoy the benefits of their established relationship with the U.S.
—Alayssa Mondido

I am so grateful that our islands chose Covenant with the U.S. Today, we reap the benefits of being a commonwealth of a country that protects our rights. That means a lot for me, as a U.S. citizen, and for my children’s future.
—Baybie Mongkeya

I can tell you that Covenant Day is a special day for many people in the CNMI. Covenant Day is a time for the people of the CNMI to reflect on their history and celebrate their culture and identity. For others, it can often be seen as a time of renewal, reflection, and re-dedication to one’s faith, community, or personal goals.
—Alexander Limes
Chalan Kanoa

Covenant Day is a day where we should remember what we have agreed to with the U.S. and see all the good that has come out of it. And we should celebrate the good outcome of it.
—Juana Somol

Covenant Day is a day that established the relationship of the Marianas Islands and the United States of America. From that very moment in 1976, a great union was birthed. Without it, we may have never gotten the opportunity to experience the freedoms that we have today. On a personal level, it makes me proud to be American. Many think of “Americans” as those 6’4″ white men from Minnesota. We may not be a part of the continental United States but, because of Covenant Day, we have flying over our land those sacred Stars and Stripes with our låtte stone and mwár. CNMI Covenant Day makes me a proud Islander American.
—Jeremiah Fernandez
San Antonio

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