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Editor’s Note: This essay won second place in the NMI Judiciary’s 11th Annual Essay Contest in celebration of Law Day. The theme was “Advancing the Rule of Law, Now.” The author recently finished 8th grade at the Saipan International School.

There are extreme cases with the law that can get you fined or sent to jail. I have never been in a situation where this has happened but my dad was pulled over once for speeding. This happened because it was during a dust storm and he did not want anyone to hit us and he did not realize that the limit was 30. This is a minor case and did not result in anything bad but was still an encounter with the law.

I believe that the rule of law is very important and it gives us a standard and gives us boundaries.

The rule of law is important because of the standard it gives. It tells us what we can and can’t do. Without it a lot of crime would happen and a lot of people would get hurt. The rule of law keeps people in order and accountable for their actions.

The rule of law also sets boundaries and gives us freedom but limits for safety. An example of this would be the speed limit. We are allowed to go any speed as long as it is safe and under the limit so no one gets hurt. Another example is guns. They are to protect you and your family in self-defense but you can’t go running around shooting people.

If laws were not a thing most people would be afraid to go outside. People would not go to prison for murder or assault, the roads would be very dangerous. People would speed and not care about red lights and if they hit someone they would not get in trouble. However, there may be some cases where you need to speed during an emergency such as your wife getting birth or you need to get to a hospital.

It is not just these laws that help us but every law has a purpose, even though there are some unjust laws, most of them make sure we stay safe and do not get injured.

In conclusion laws are very important and help us every day.

Will Sosa (Special to the Saipan Tribune)

Will Sosa (Special to the Saipan Tribune)

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