Your 3/3/33 Solution

Posted on Oct 20 2011

Rik Villegas

 By Rik Villegas
Special to the Saipan Tribune

Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician, wrote about the personality of numbers, and claimed to have learned about it from the Egyptians. Mystical qualities have been associated with numbers from ancient times, and the number “3” has a particular fascination. The three primary colors of red, blue, and yellow can be combined to produce all other colors, including white.

The triad or trinity is a symbol of the unity of body, mind and spirit, and it is found throughout the world and history. The triangle is associated with the divine number of three, it is a symbol for power, and it also represents success, prosperity, and safety. The two interlaced triangles known as King Solomon’s seal, or more commonly as the Star of David, is called in India the seal of Vishnu. It signifies the bipolarity in nature of spirit and matter. The upward triangle represents spirit, consciousness, and concealed wisdom, while the mirrored downward pointing triangle represents matter, manifestation, or wisdom revealed.

What would happen if you could harness the number “3” to realize greater success and prosperity in your business? Now imagine your business developing to a point where you eventually had no weaknesses, and your combined strengths in each of the seven dimensions would allow you to minimize any challenges and aggressively take advantage of every opportunity available to your business so you could realize continuous breakthroughs in productivity, performance, and profits?

That’s what your 3/3/33 solution can do for you. You complete this exercise by simply stating your biggest challenge in a sentence that you and others can focus their thoughts on, and then brainstorm all the possible ideas you can think of to meet the challenge. From that list, choose the top 3 solutions, that when accomplished in 3 months would result in at least a 33 percent improvement.

The good news is that it’s not necessary to take massive action each day to achieve massive results-although it may take a lot of effort to get the momentum moving in the beginning. In order to realize the 33 percent improvement in the next 90 days, you only need to improve 0.33 percent each day. Is it possible for you to improve your productivity, performance, or profitability by 1/300th in a 24-hour period?

If you planned your day to accomplish this improvement, you could increase your results much more than 1/3 of 1 percent-probably more like 33 percent in a single day if you really focused your efforts. This would get you off to a great start, but it would be difficult to sustain over a longer period of time; therefore, it’s scaled down to an average daily 1/300th improvement.

By setting an easy-to-reach goal each day, and aiming to be consistent in your results over time, you should reap the 33 percent target within three months. By continuing at this pace, the compounding effects will double your results by the end of the third quarter, and it will produce three times more than where you started 12 months earlier!

For example, if you had a starting profit of $100,000 and you increased by 33 percent the first quarter, you would end up with $133,000. As your improvements compounded, the second quarter would yield $176,890 in profits; third quarter $235,264; and by the end of the year your profit would be $312,900. If you could continue that pace you could almost add another zero to your bottom line by the end of the second year, as compared to your starting profits, and after three years, an incredible 3,064 percent or 30 times more!

This may seem unbelievable, and if you continue to operate your business as you’ve always done, it may very well be impossible. However, by thinking outside the box and setting up the proper strategy, systems, and support to think and act much bigger, you could realize jumps in profitability, productivity, and performance that were once unimagined. In last week’s article, you learned how it could be possible to achieve a 33 percent profit improvement with as little as a 1 percent improvement in five areas of your business.

Even if you cut the improvement by one-third to a consistent 10 percent per quarter improvement in profits (which is about 3 percent compounded per month), you would more than double your profits within two years and triple it by the end of the third year.

Applying the principle of continuous and never-ending improvement in one dimension of your business will also lead to improvements in your other dimensions. For example, as you constantly aim to improve the service you offer to your customers, it will increase the number of referrals and sales you enjoy. As you consistently get better in some areas, it will lead to growth in other areas also.

Completing the 3/3/33 solution will help you realize the potential your business has to grow beyond what you might have imagined. This is the step that separates the leaders from just the readers. The power of “3” will allow you to gain more control of the future of your business and all that it can do for you, your employees and your customers. So, what are the top 3 things you can do in the next 3 months to produce a 33 percent improvement?

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