Saipan Tribune provides innovative marketing and advertising solutions to support an advertiser’s specific online requirements. We have developed a personalized and professional client servicing, which allows an effective way of working with advertisers in making sure that their advertising dollars are spent wisely and get results. Further support is given to advertisers by giving them attractive advertising packages that include placement strategies, frequency discounts and advertorial.

For information on how to advertise with Saipan Tribune’s online edition, please review the advertising information provided. You can also download our media kit for information on the print edition



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Ad Type/Dimensions
TILE (LEFT)** 180 X 235 PIXELS


  • File Format: GIF, JPEG
  • Resolution: 72 dpi
  • Animation: 3 loops maximum; up to 7 seconds per loop
  • Maximum File Size: 300K



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ad via email

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Reservations for any ad placement must be confirmed 3 days prior to publication date. Ad materials must be approved and submitted 2 days prior to publication date.


Ad cancellations are allowed only up to 12 noon, 2 days prior to the date of publication. Cancellations made after the deadline will be charged 50% of the published rate or the amount of the signed contract or advertising orders whichever is applicable.

Advertiser shall be responsible for any production or creative services rendered by Saipan Tribune, regardless of cancellation of ad.


Refunds will only be made if cancellation deadlines are met. No refunds will be made once an ad is already published.

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  • We offer our creative services from ad conceptualization to copy development, photography, and preparation of final artwork for a minimal charge. Orders for advertising copy and layout should be made five days in advance of the placement date. Clients must approve all ad materials prepared in-house three days prior to publication date.
  • Any revisions on supplied ads must be resubmitted. Additional charges would apply for revisions made by the Saipan Tribune.
  • Ads sizes exceeding the Saipan Tribune’s specification will incur additional charges.
  • Deadlines subject to change during holiday weeks.
  • Only file formats specified above (no exceptions) will be accepted.

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  • Issue date, agency name, contact numbers, mailing address, e-mail address, ad description, ad specifications, terms of payment, applicable rate, and advertiser name as indicated on the order form should be filled out either by the client or by the account executive on behalf of the client.
  • Forwarding of an order is construed as an acceptance of all rates and conditions under which advertising space is sold at the time by Saipan Tribune and such order, when accepted by Saipan Tribune, shall constitute a contract. Failure to make any order correspond in price, or otherwise, with the rate card is regarded as a clerical error and publication is made and charged upon the rates and terms of the rate card, without further notification.Special clauses in insertion orders or contracts will not be accepted if relating to legal liability, circulation guarantees or positioning requests other than franchise advertisers or paid guaranteed positions.
  • Contracts must be completed within one year of first insertion. Advertisers that do not fulfill the minimum required spending for the discount level applied during their contract year would be re-billed for all advertising run that year at rate commensurate with the actual discount earned.All contracts are conditional on strikes, fires, acts of God or the public enemy, war, or any cause not subject to the control of Saipan Tribune, excluding advertiser’s failure and/or inability to perform.

Saipan Tribune reserves the right to hold advertiser and its advertising agency jointly and severally liable for such monies as are due and payable to Saipan Tribune. Advertiser and its advertising agency shall indemnify Saipan Tribune from all damages, costs and expenses, of any nature whatsoever, including attorneys’ fees, for which Saipan Tribune may become liable by reason of its publication of advertiser’s advertising or provision of production services to advertiser.


All international, federal, state or local taxes imposed on the printing of advertising materials or on the sale of advertising space shall be assumed and paid by the advertiser.

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  • All ad placements require cash upon signing of an Advertisement Order unless credit has been established. Credit applications are extended to qualified advertisers by the advertising sales department.
  • There is a 30-day term for extended credit. Volume discounts are forfeited if payment is not made on or before the scheduled date payments.
  • All government advertising must be accompanied by a valid purchase order covering the charges for insertion dates requested or a purchase order, which commits funds in advance of publication. The same will be applied to all private companies that issue purchase orders for advertising placements.
  • Invoices will be sent in three batches per month and must be paid within 30 days from the date of invoice. A late penalty charge of 1.5% per month will be assessed on any overdue balance. In the event that the advertiser fails to make timely payment, Saipan Tribune may immediately cancel all orders for advertising and advertiser shall indemnify Saipan Tribune for all expenses incurred in connection with the collection of amounts payable, including court cost and attorneys’ fees.
  • All credit extension will be subject to the publisher’s approval. Additional financial information may be required to grant credit and new advertisers are required to pre-pay until a credit line can be established.



  • All ads are subject to approval before publication. The Saipan Tribune may decline to accept advertising that is misleading, inaccurate, fraudulent and those that fail to comply with the standards of decency and dignity.
  • The publisher reserves the right to edit, refuse, reject or cancel any ad at any time. The publisher will not be liable for any loss or expense that results from the publication (whether correct or not) or omission of an advertisement.
  • Advertising which simulates editorial content should be clearly marked as advertising. The advertising manager and art director must clear font style and design.
  • Personal ads are subject to the publisher’s approval.
  • The publisher will not be responsible for any errors after the first day of publication on any advertisement. Errors noticed on the first day should be called to the attention of the advertising department on the first working day after publication. Responsibility for errors is limited to the cost of space actually occupied by the error.
  • The publisher has the right to repeat a previous ad of the same size in the event that the Saipan Tribune does not receive copy instructions before the set deadline.
  • While every reasonable care is taken, neither the publisher nor any of the staff is responsible for the loss or damage of photos, transparencies or other materials submitted for placement.
  • All ads are accepted and published by the Saipan Tribune upon representation that the advertiser is authorized to publish the entire content and subject matter of the ad. In consideration of the publisher’s acceptance of the ad, the advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold the Saipan Tribune, its officers, owners, affiliates and agents harmless from any civil action, damages, costs or expenses, including attorney fees, arising in connection with false, misleading defamatory or otherwise objectionable advertising material, including material that invades the privacy of another, which advertising has been ordered or approved by the advertiser.
  • Unless otherwise requested by advertisers or ad agencies for return, all ad materials will be disposed of one month from the date of its last publication.
  • Ads should not be similar to the Saipan Tribune website’s format.
  • Saipan Tribune only deals directly and individually with its advertisers and brokered advertising will not be permitted.
  • Saipan Tribune assumes no liability for any advertisement whether or not it is supplied by the advertiser.
  • Unless there is a specified franchise or paid guaranteed positions, Saipan Tribune decides the positioning of all advertisements. For 25% over and above the regular rates, advertisers may guarantee date and section (based on availability).
  • All advertising copy, creative materials provided by Saipan Tribune shall be the newspaper’s property, including all rights of copyright therein.
  • Advertisers cannot authorize photographic or other reproductions, in whole or in part, of any such advertising copy and/or ad materials for use in any other medium without the express written consent of Saipan Tribune.


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