Sound and fury signifying nothing


I had a productive Friday, Aug. 23 morning. Four sonnets on 45 before lunch. My muses were the Dave Matthews Band, T.S. Eliot, William Shakespeare and the newly proclaimed “Chosen One.” It was a cathartic poetic experience. After finishing them I wrote my third eulogy, a limerick, on the same subject. As Fats Waller would say, “Here ’tis, I’m throwing it at you.”  

The Essential Emptiness of Donald Trump
“Remember us—if at all—not as lost violent souls, but only as the hollow men the stuffed men.”
—T.S. Eliot (1888-1965)
Proclaimed by others, ‘King of Israel’ that’s me, that is real
It’s me, about ‘indefinite detention’ I have little comprehension
It’s me, this week 08/23/19 ‘The Chosen One’ disorganized rage
keeping children in a cage, tweeting per ‘indefinite detention’.

I’m hollow, inside and out, shout it out, filled with brain gout
I’m hollow, a straw man filled with air, because I really care
I’m hollow, an inarticulate speaker and leader, clumsy old lout
I’m hollow, hot air, new policies of cruelty and fear year after year.

I’m the best, the best ever, half empty half full, best of all the rest
I’m the best, a stable genius, ask anyone from my departed cabinet
I’m the best, “Kim Young Un wrote me beautiful love letters” still
I’m the best, Putin said so, Sec’y of State Rex Tillerson had to go.

It’s me, I’m the best, but there really is nothing at all left upstairs
I try to hide the emptiness by dying my few remaining head hairs.

 I Never Said That Before. Now I Say Fore!
 “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”
—Act 5 in Macbeth, a tragedy by William Shakespeare (1564 -1616)
I and I and more I, never a sight for sore eyes or golden rest room
gyrations from me absolutely no one is picking up good vibrations
I and I AyeYiYi most popular president in history no complications
I bigly endorse and send Putin and Kim Young Un supplications
What? I never said that. You think you heard what I never said
about my lack of diplomacy and foreign policy not a single word
came out of my mouth include comments domestic and on the Fed
I never said it that is my denial and I can say it with a phony smile
don’t forget I’ve said many times I’m a stable genius and I’m smart
immigrant children can stay inside chain link border cages indefinitely
that policy began with Obama Democrats right from the very start
ask my base the lying media or Fox news they will agree completely
I and I alone need say no more my choppers waiting I’m out the door
headed to my nearest golf course watch out when I say, “FORE ”.

Trump Tale Between His Legs Signifying Nothing
“How could I be such a fool like me, I let you down tail between my legs.”
—from a 1990s rock song by Dave Matthews Band.
I realize now that I should have lied many times more often
after a round of golf there was always time for such words
yesterday, today, and tomorrow some deceptive words soften
the lies and fabrications making them sound less absurd.
To my very last Tweet on my very last day as US President
and then after that from my golf courses in a warmer clime
I leave a legacy of telling the most lies to the incoming resident
recording my special twit in cyber space for all recorded time.
And through the coming centuries of American political history
as students and  scholars study about the greatness of POTUS 45
surely they will all struggle with the strange wonderful mystery
of why I consistently told so many bold faced lies while alive.
Despite truth corrections I remain a niggling nabob of Narcissus
ask my other self, the Chosen One, do you think they will miss us?

POTUS 45 A Hollow Man
Mister Trump—he lied. A ruble for the old fool
He was a hollow man he was an empty man
he liked to repeat he was a man without a plan
full of temper tantrums tweets and sound bytes
teleprompter filled with information he can’t read
Alas! old racist tropes, one sided conversations
with advisors he seldom ever listened to
to no one but himself he shows devotion
“paralyzed force, gesture without motion”*
as we transition from an America made less
in the eyes of the majority of US citizens
the strength of our democratic values we bless
thank the US Constitution for providing sense
hollow, empty, no lights on upstairs? no surprise
can’t wait until Congress will open its eyes.
*a line from a T.S. Eliot poem The Hollow Men
POTUS 45, Eulogy No. 3
45th POTUS Trump was often in a rage
he put infants and children in a cage
lied about himself and all his crimes
known as a nincompoop for all times
a bizarre anomaly on the Presidential stage

Joey ‘Pepe Batbon’ Connolly (Special to the Saipan Tribune)
Joey “Pepe Batbon” Connolly is a retired teacher and has been named a poet laureate of Tinian. He has taught English in CNMI public schools for the past 30 years. He has also taught in Alaska, New Orleans, and Las Vegas.

Joey 'Pepe Batbon' Connolly (Special to the Saipan Tribune)

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