Universal garbage collection: Yes or no?


“The idea is great…but that may cause a rift with garbage disposal companies like Artman and AYD (could be others). In addition, it may also add more burden to the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. because they would have to get more people to help them out. But personally, as someone who already has a high CUC bill, I’m not really a fan of my bill going up.”
—Christian Castillo, Finasisu

“I think [it] is a wonderful idea. It would allow us as a Commonwealth to be more responsible and proactive in managing our waste, not to mention the new job opportunities this can create. My only concern is whether our government and economy will be able to maintain this system and whether we can modify and update the system as time goes on.”
—Jason Sanchez, Afetna

“I don’t it’s a good idea. I think [existing] laws should be enforced [instead]. If they were to implement this, would it be free? How about those who [already] pay [for garbage collection services]? They might find it too much of a hassle to pay for trash services and just do this. There wouldn’t be enough money flow. What’s the use of those no-litter signs with the $500 fine? If anything, this will only allow those that illegally dump their trash to get away with illegal dumping even more.”
—Annie Arriola, Gualo Rai

“I think universal garbage collection is a pretty great idea because it would make the island look more beautiful since trash won’t be littered outside anymore. It is also beneficial to the environment and its surroundings; we won’t see garbage lying or scattered around the side of the road.”
—Daniella Marie Reginio, Chalan Lau Lau

“I think it’s a really cool idea! I think dropping off trash will be a bit fun for people who find joy in stuff like that. But I don’t know if people will like the added cost to their bill, although seeing the drop-off sites will probably encourage more people not to litter.”
—Clarisse Torio, Garapan

“I [kind of] like it. My only concern is the price. Curbside pickup? How would it be scheduled? Do you call them when your trash is full? I would like to know more about how it will be conducted. A lot of people throw their trash [just anywhere] because they can’t afford Artman, so this could be good.
—Lizelle Cruz, Susupe

“I think it’s a good idea overall [but] just not in the CNMI. I feel that this would further push illegal dumping as money is tight in the world we live in today during the pandemic. What I think should happen is specific days for garbage disposal to be mandatory and patrols in areas where illegal dumping may take place be scanned often as well as charges being bumped up to discourage future dumping endeavors.”
—Gren Cepeda, Koblerville

“Universal garbage is definitely a game-changer when it comes to collecting trash. But do we really need it? Sure, it eases the jobs of our men and makes collecting faster and easier, but how much impact can that change really make? That garbage collection is what we are doing today and every day, and using newer systems will lead to the same results—just collecting trash except easier, faster, and perhaps more organized. If we do implement this, I don’t think it would impact the environment as much as we would expect it to, considering the charges. If we are going to focus on problems in relation to trash, maybe it’s more efficient to put money into educating our people in reducing our waste, such as through recycling and segregating.”
—Grace Catalma, As Teo

“I’m very hesitant in supporting this based on the lack of information, how much the rate would be, and how it will be processed. Will weight be a factor? Will CUC be taking all the money? What does this mean for our other garbage collection companies on island?”
—Clarrianne Manebo, Gualo Rai

“Saipan is so beautiful and it’s painful to see it neglected, particularly with solid waste not properly managed, with people just throwing garbage anywhere. Perhaps, this universal garbage collection is the answer as it will make it a bit more convenient for people to just have their trash picked up straight from their homes. An additional fee that CUC would be collecting for it would be worth it if it would mean keeping the island clean not just today but for the generations to come.”
—Iva Maurin, Capital Hill


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