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Virtues and Vices/Naughty and Nices


A sonnet series inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s The Thirteen Virtues in Poor Richard’s Almanac.

The Virtue of Order
“Let all things have their places, let each part of your business have its time.”
—Benjamin Franklin (1706 -1790) 
In order to get things in order one needs thought
rectifying procedures puts systems in place
pay close attention to the order that is sought
be a short order organizer in almost every case
order ham and eggs sometimes instead of bacon
give just straight facts to the newspaper reporter
let people know it is your seat they are taking
make haste moving away from the SBD farter*
be honest and prompt filing your income taxes
put dishes back in the same place in the cupboard
serving meals on time will quickly move forward
place a low priority on removing your ear waxes
last but not least use alphabetical arrangement
things may fall in order without estrangement.

(*A quote also found in Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanac, 1736, “He that lives upon Hope, dies Farting.” SBD means Silent But Deadly.) 
The Vice of Disorder
More often than not my desk is in disorder
my wife says clean it up or she’ll throw it out
guess I need some mental magic kind of sorter
but my mind is often in disorder no doubt
I’m ordered to do ‘dat’ and ordered to do ‘dis’
while I’m content with life’s disorder as it is
taking things as they come randomly and amiss
happy with the chaos of pop pop fizz fizz
strolling and lolling around amidst clutter
ignoring all the trolls and disorder criticism
is easy for me like a hot knife through butter
between order and disorder remains a schism
in 45’s 01/06/21 speech to the mob we heard him
rant on the ‘Vote Steal’ reductio ad absurdum*
repeating “ argumentum ad ignorantium ”.
(*reductio ad absurdum is Latin for “reduction to absurdity.” In logic, it means a form of refutation showing contradictory or absurd consequences following upon premises as a matter of logical necessity.)

Joey aka Pepe Batbon is a retired educator who taught in the CNMI, NOLA, and LVNV. He is a sonnet practitioner who enjoys stargazing.


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