The 80-percent loot!

Normally, I’d maintain cool-headed humility on issues just to be able to analyze them later. But not when lower house legislators inflicted atrocious familial economic Armageddon by raising their loot by 80 percent. So sad their wiser-than-thee treachery or abhorrent behavior, convinced they’ve done another successful tip-top job. Nah! We heard your every whispery sashay!

As though civil servants are ignorant, they handed them breadcrumbs like a 5-percent hike while simultaneously ignoring those in the private sector. Sure, we stood by the roadside as bystanders but we know our issues! Eh, taxpayers are smart too!

This act of greed reminds me of what Einstein said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” So how do we derail Capital Hill idiocy, imbecility, astigmatism, and derangement in this instance? We could do it next year!

We read touts of “economic improvements” but a closer look at reality reveals a much gloomier picture. Isn’t it true that more than 13,000 combined employees are earning poverty income and below salaries? How could you have missed this glaring fact? Is your ignorance premised on reading deficiency?

Obviously, you’ve failed due diligence, given your new modus operandi. So you leave behind people limping in the misery of poverty to fend for themselves while you scurry off with your hefty loot! It’s $31,000 more for your pockets against a measly sum for civil servants.

What about those in private industries who earn a measly amount per year? Are they not deserving of some help too? Are they immune to the skyrocketing cost of basic goods here? Why would you punish productive workers in favor of filling your pockets with more taxpayers’ money you’ve never earned? Aren’t civil servants and private industry employees people too?

What have you done on rock solid basis to increase the buying power of families throughout the archipelago? Isn’t your action one of malfeasance or misfeasance in office? With such grand fiduciary failure did you really expect re-election next year? Hombre iya!

This bravery in arrogance happens when legislators lose their sense of empathy for the people they’ve sworn to represent. It slides into greed where they look at their ugly conscience in the mirror and declare, “It’s me, myself and I!” You may have approved it, now. That you’d receive later, never! Most voters are ready to intone “pues adios estake…” Get that pal?

I suppose it’s okay to play George Gershwin’s haunting Summertime, an idealistic vacation when we leave everything behind while playing along the shore, only to find out paradise has morphed into a hellish hole.

John S. DelRosario Jr.
As Gonno, Saipan

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  • Edith DeLeon Guerrero

    Man malefa na setbientin publiku siha..ja hinasun niha na direchun niha para hu manabula i beksan niha mas ki trenta mit ($30K) ja i man namasi i bagasu. Novembre 2018 simpre i taotao u madisidi na esta este inipus na finagaga contra i familia jan famaguon ni man namasi.

    How dare you loot on the poor! A person earning $17K per year will only get additional $32.69 per pay period with the 5 percent increase.

    Those elected who voted for their 80 percent increase if now earning $39K per year adds additional $31K which puts them at $70,200 per year or $2700 per pay period from their prior $1500 per pay period which means they get an additional $1200 more per pay period.

    $1200 more for you at 80 percent per pay period
    $32.69 more for the employees at 5 percent per pay period

    How could you take from the poor! You don’t deserve this money at all!

    • deoppressolibres

      his is on top of the other funds they get that does not have to be accounted for along with the extra they get for heading a “committee”.

  • Taotaoisla

    Hey John, were you sacked out of the leaders request or just tired?

    • Ioanes

      Cleaned out DPL then retired!

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