So-called CNMI litters (leaders)


This is an open letter to our so-called CNMI litters (leaders). Ask me why I would call them these…Well looking back at my home island of Saipan it kind of baffles me, to say the least, that every now and then our indigenous brothers and sisters are always in the news for committing crimes that in the first place should have never occur.

The saddest part is how our elected officials have done not much to curb this trend. To me all they have been doing is keep compounding serious issue to a point where it cannot be solved. I mean come on…really…a bigger gambling concession will help our ailing economy and community.

Where is our vision of reviving the tourism industry if we have drug lords sitting at the gambling tables betting away whilst they rake in the dirty money on the other hand from their illegal drugs that will eventually be pushed by our indigenous brothers and sisters.

And I believe and maybe some will agree with me that more and more unspeakable crimes will entail. Take for instance the poker arcades. We all have seen what it could do to an individual let alone individuals. One of the ill effects of poker playing is addiction and to me how addictions start is by constantly feeding that addiction. Like for example smoking cigarette same concept it is just that smoking will not lead you to commit a serious crime like child endangerment or participating in illegal drug activities. So I ask our CNMI litters when can we actually learn something from what has happened in our past to shape a better future for us all? I think you all so called leaders should get a Webster’s dictionary and look up the definition of what a true leader should be.

On another note and speaking about learning something from our past to shape a brighter future is the eruption of Anatahan Volcano. Another comparable event is that of Pagan Volcano erupting in the mid part of 1981 as we all can recollect. We all or maybe some know that due to that eruption, Pagan was to remain uninhabited for roughly more or less 30 years. I mean who could live among volcanic ashes and poisonous gas? Not me and certainly not my fellow indigenous brothers and sisters who called it home. Anatahan Volcano erupted in 2003 and upon learning of that event, it devastated me personally as I have come to call it my home too along with the few that inhabit it. And for me to write this now has not made me change my love for Anatahan.

I was one of the few who got the chance to witness first hand the devastation brought on by the volcano. Seeing and walking on the ash that now covers the once familiar locations brought me heartache and sparked some vivid memories I and a few had on the island. But what could I have done? Nothing then but now I have a bit of a suggestion or let’s call it an idea, for our so-called CNMI litters. Why not lease it to the military? It is uninhabited, inaccessible, and certainly uninhabitable. This suggestion might infuriate the few but it might help speed up Mother Nature’s way of making the land accessible in the future.

Say we do lease it out to the U.S. military and at a cost of $250 billion and suppose they agree, whose not to agree to a bigger target? They come in do all sorts of military stuff like bombing, more bombing, and then more bombing—which I think is what they are really good at. Look at FDM and at how much they embrace their Second Amendment rights, most would agree. And after the bombing, have them clean it u (Remember after the war—proof is all around us). Now before we get too far, let’s come up with a few terms or better yet conditions that we will include in the lease. First of I think the length of the lease should be for a minimum of 25 and a max of 30 years. And if you all think $250 billion is too much, let’s break it down in an payment installments basis. This way it will not be a burden to the U.S. and it will also teach us how to manage ourselves financially. Another condition is the control of which area will be most likely bombed so future developments can occur. Now you might be thinking—how about if they miss their target, right? Well let’s put another condition that missed target equals deduction in the length of the lease. It might seem like a childish thing to do but hey wake up so-called CNMI litters. At first it might seem like an idiotic idea but if we all think it thoroughly the outcome will be beneficial to all, and if I have to outline every detail then I might as well become a leader myself.

On a very special note the general election is coming up. I bet all these so-called litters will be coming out of hibernation. They will be actively be on the front pages replacing street lights so when your cruising down Beach Road at night their signboards are lit properly for us to read and see. Do not forget those pothole repairs on the road because they would not want you to drive on a bumpy road and miss out on reading every lies on their signboards. And lastly, the house-to-house campaigning. Make sure you have your family tree documents handy because they might say we are related. But after the election and you call honorable Uncle Juan or Aunty Maria at their office you might be told that they are really busy. But hey that is just from me and I hope we all can actually get along for a brighter future.

Luciano M. Rangamar
Eatonville, Washington

Luciano M. Rangamar

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