Cervical cancer awareness month?


Do “awareness” months do any good? If so I’m not aware of it.

How about Cervical Cancer Prevention month instead? Prevention is much more effective than awareness. Now that could do some good.

Long ago I wrote an article: “Prevent Cancer for 65 Cents.” It was about drinking a glass of water with ½ tsp of baking soda in it. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is alkalizing and beneficial to one’s health. Most of the foods we eat are acid-forming, and diseases thrive in an acidic environment, including cancer. The baking soda neutralizes the acid.

It’s cheap insurance; and if you have cancer, drink this mixture twice a day, morning and night on an empty stomach. You can also eat alkalizing foods, such as celery and lettuce.

There are thousands of Google pages about the benefits of baking soda, as well as dozens of YouTube videos. many by patients who cured themselves, and others are by physicians (including an Italian doctor, Dr. Simoncini) who treats his patients with baking soda.

Considering that a box of baking soda costs around a dollar, it’s the cheapest cancer prevention there is. But there are others. If you can avail yourself of some of these remedies, you will cut your cancer risk significantly. And, if you have cancer, you may possibly prevent it from spreading (metastases).

But know this first…

The FDA and the pharmaceutical companies are engaged in a racket. They do not want a cure, despite what they say. They want everyone to have a nice, long, expensive, illness. So if there’s a cure, they certainly do not want you to know about it. If people were cured, a multi-billion dollar industry would grind to a halt.

There are thousands of scientific studies about the curative properties of turmeric, especially when combined with black pepper. It kills cancer and if you are cancer free, eating turmeric (mixed with rice or in soup) is a cheap and effective preventative. But you must add the black pepper, which acts as an “activator.”

Turmeric grows wild in the Marianas, but I don’t know how to prepare it. Instead, you can buy a container of the spice powder and add it to food—a couple of tablespoons in some rice or soup, along with 10 percent black pepper.

The research conducted at Walker Labs—part of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York—confirmed that Amygdalin (also called vitamin B-17 and Laetrile) prevents metastases 80 percent of the time. Many claim to have cured themselves by eating fresh (not dried or roasted) apricot seeds, which contain amygdalin.

The seeds (also called kernels) look like small almonds, but have a bitter taste. Still, they are worth eating if you want to stay cancer-free. For prevention, eat 8 per day. If you have cancer, eat up to 60 per day, in divided doses.

Hot peppers!
Capsaicin is the chemical compound that makes peppers hot. According to recent research, eating capsaicin peppers will cause cancer cells to self-destruct. Is this true? I haven’t read the clinicals, but the benefits of hot peppers have been well-established. If you can stand the heat, they are really good for you.

Awareness is useful, but prevention is far, far better. If you can prevent cervical, or any other kind of cancer, by taking some or all of the above, you are doing something very good for your health.

Russ Mason
As Teo, Saipan

Russ Mason

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