The disrespectful hating sore losers


Francisco R. Agulto, Lee Andersen, and Thomas D. Arkle Jr.—stop hating—as my students would say to haters. I wanted the entire CNMI to know that you are simply disrespectful, hating sore losers from this past election.

You are still promoting your ugly politic and fighting against anything that I say—give us a break as people can see you hating on me! I forgot it was a pack of them like those little furry creatures we find in the sewers. I don’t know who the leader is but Lee Andersen takes first place followed by Francisco R. Agulto in second with Thomas D. Ankle Jr. in third for the recent disrespect and hating award in the news. I’m sure there are a few more on them figuratively spreading filth and disease (ugliness and misinformation) they just didn’t come out to attack me. I’m just glad they don’t realize why decent and respectful people don’t get involved in their issues and I’m not telling just let them keep wallowing in their own filth alone. Who do they think they are fooling with their complements to each other? We the people are not idiots and the joke on them-ha!

But it is Francisco R. Agulto that I want to start with as he was the last to attack me instead of addressing the issue of an alternative for the people of Rota if not the loan. It seems that Francisco and none of these guys seem to get it that a loan is not a government appropriation and I couldn’t find anything in the constitution about the government loaning money! It seems that everyone in this “sore loser pack” is just complaining one thing after another but don’t have two cents to offer that will help to reach an amicable solution.

Francisco, Lee, Arkle and especially keeping straight who is a follower—ha ha along with a few others need to put your skills to better use and stop the complaining about the $400K and for another election of your time and choosing as if the attorney general and the governor don’t know the law and what they are doing. The attorney general is not only an attorney, but an honorable former judge.  I think most of the decent and respectable people with common sense are respecting the decision of the Attorney General who hasn’t responded to the unfounded request for a special election.  The attorney general is free of all political ties and must make decisions based on the law so please stop getting livid and making false assertions when the AG makes an unfavorable decision about the law. Leave the law to our AG and trust in his knowledge and experience, that’s what he was elected to do, not you guys. He has one of the most difficult jobs in the CNMI that is dictated by the law, not what anyone else wants, especially what the “sore loser pack” wants.

Francisco also had the nerve to accuse me of a poorly thought out statement when his writing is more like thoughtless gibberish full of dichotomies. Where did you learn English Francisco and stop using the thesaurus because you try to use a big technical vocabulary that is not used by the average person and much of your vocabulary doesn’t even fit congruently with the context? You are trying to sound smart an intellectual but looking like a fool to those people who have truly mastered the vocabulary of the English language. You obviously don’t have any formal writing training and don’t know what it is to consider your audience when writing. Heck, I have an IQ of 139 with a B.A and a Masters but I can’t follow the thought straight through in any of your paragraphs—you are all over the place.

As for the complaints by these guys about legalization they are the main reason I keep writing about an issue especially when they spread lies to try and scare people to make their point. Arkle had the nerve to twist the truth by saying “the feds have already stated that no entity (leaving out the word federal) anywhere in the U.S. shall be allowed to engage in a federally illegal operation if that entity receives federal monies in any form. The federal funds will be withheld as well as other federal assistance.” A half-truth is just as bad as a whole lie Arkle as this was referring to any federal entities or programs, not sovereign state level governments. Colorado is using its Revenue & Tax Division in concert with the State Credit Union to handle the marijuana money. Government programs being funded by federal funds cannot receive or use funds from the marijuana industry and this includes CNMI government employees who are paid with federal funds will not be allowed to use marijuana if their job is federally funded. FYI and you call yourself a doctor, where have you been as only the banks that are “FDIC-insured” by the federal government cannot accept marijuana money but none FDIC Financial Institutions including banks can accept marijuana money. Please get yourself some real education about legalization before you make any more idiotic and misleading statements that are really lies.

PS: Thanks for letting me use you guys again to better explain my points about the $400K loan and legalization as there could be no good without evil and I guess there could be no progress and good times without Scrooges—thanks with a smile! One people one direction for helping the people of Rota and legalization—prayers for the sore loser pack!

Ambrose M. Bennett

Contributing Author

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