Gangsterism in government

Posted on Apr 17 2014

Maybe readers will finally start to believe what I tell them about our government. One of the main reasons I kept making predictions—that came true I might add—was not from arrogance or just bragging but a genuine effort to gain credibility from the general public that I was right and can help make the CNMI a better place. I have been telling the people the truth all along and the governor has been giving us lip service by telling “half-truths” that are really whole lies. I can only pray for the sake of our Commonwealth that readers will now believe me before believing our governor.

FYI readers, the Dynasty was not interested, as I confirmed that the person who signed for the Dynasty was not from the Dynasty—a gangster play to fool the people into thinking it was two. One commenter in the news wanted to know why we keep hearing the lie about the Dynasty but not a word about the other investor. Why are they still a secret when they want exclusive control of our gaming infrastructure? Only gangster investors would hide and disrespect the people’s “no” decision.

The governor lied and misled people about the ferry that was free with $2 million in fuel subsidies. The governor even promised a ferry study by November of last year—another lie.

The governor and Legislature have clearly taken a gangster approach by forcing casinos down our throats and even those in favor of the casino know it is wrong. If we the people don’t send a message that our leaders cannot disrespect a decision of the people, they will do it again and we will be crying foul again. We need to spank our government good as the impeachment was not enough to change the behavior of this administration’s gangster approach.

The behavior of the Tinian Gaming Commission is also a telling sign of the gangster approach to the Saipan casino. The Dynasty may now be forced to apply just to stay alive and in the game. The Tinian Gaming Commission that should be elected, not appointed, have already started their effort to kill the Dynasty by applying new rules and regulations that will slow down and even stop certain parts of the Dynasty’s operation. The Dynasty pays each of them $75,000 a year to help but instead they are about to kill the hand that feeds them and the only reason I can think of that they would kill the Dynasty is because someone else is offering them more—pure gangsterism!

We also have a governor who just joined the GOP in a power play to get elected and now he is supporting Kilili who is not a GOP member but a Democrat! I guess the governor has decided who the GOP will support for delegate even though he never won an election himself. What a joke on the GOP and voters because it is obvious the governor is disregarding the GOP by trying to ride on the votes of Kilili. His true colors are starting to show.

P.S.: If you didn’t see the TV telecast of the Senate passing the casino bill ask someone because the Senate president and his crew took a gangster approach and shoved the casino down the throats of the other senators who didn’t even get a full day to review the bill. I’m sure even many of the casino supporters saw the gangsterism on display. So if you want the CNMI to be a better place, stop listening to a governor whose first major legislation disrespected the people with his gangster approach to governing. I’m sure many readers will now agree it will be better to listen more to the social, economic and political activist who has been working for you—Ambrose M Bennett!

Ambrose M Bennett
Kagman, Saipan

Jun Dayao Dayao
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