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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read Henry U. Hofschneider’s letter to the editor in yesterday’s edition! He hit the nail right on the head! Best Sunshine’s $10 million contribution to CUC benefits all, not some, as Heinz and Ray are claiming. And the best part of this letter is that he’s endorsing IT, not his relative, Heinz. Why is that, I wonder?

Was this a political ploy for the GOP to get more votes? No it wasn’t, because everybody wins! This wasn’t just for the voting public but for everybody—American, Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, etc. We all got a piece of this so thank you, Best Sunshine!

Another thing that caught my attention was an article in last week’s paper regarding claims by HY group that they won’t resort to mudslinging and dirty politics. Just that statement alone contradicts itself because now, it’s mudslinging in the form of an accusation from HY to IT.

I especially loved the part where HY claims to be running a ”grassroots campaign with a shoestring budget.” Come on, man. Without naming names, we all know who’s financing their campaign.

I have to respect Juan Babauta’s call for all his supporters to now endorse IT. I have never been a big fan of Babauta because time after time, he has shown his true colors of “looking out for No. 1.” But the one thing he hasn’t done was change his party affiliation. I think that’s admirable because he even requested a primary to be held.

I, too, think there should’ve been a primary because the way I see it, Eloy, Juan, and Heinz are all Republicans in their hearts. Running as an “Independent” is taking the easy way out. Heinz and Ray are Republicans and should be true to themselves and their supporters but instead, they chose the easy way out because they know they would lose if a primary election was held. At least Babauta asked for a primary but for reasons unknown to me, the party decided against it. If HY would’ve run as the Republicans they are, I’m pretty sure the party would’ve had no choice but to hold a primary and, judging from the outcome of the votes, they would’ve definitely lost. Hell, they would’ve been spanked.

Another thing that irks me are the accusations that Eloy could’ve and should’ve done something to stop Ben’s “mid-life crisis.” Who’s he gonna complain to? Anybody with any authority to stop Ben, like maybe the AG, are all Fitial appointees! The truth is that all the rallies held to get Ben out of office were attended by Eloy. Eloy spoke to the public at all of these functions regarding all of Fitial’s wrongdoings. And the public responded to Eloy’s call to support with the ousting of Fitial from office.

No mudslinging and dirty politics? You also harp on Eloy’s illness. That, my friends, is what’s known as a “low blow.” Wondering why Eloy is not seen at GOP functions? Yeah, it’s an election year but that doesn’t stop the governor from doing his job. He is always well-represented at these functions but he’s got a job to do and, in my opinion, he’s doing it to the best he can considering everything that’s going on—like trying to clean up the crap that he inherited from Ben.

Eloy doesn’t have the luxury of going to all the events and pocket meetings or going door-to-door like Heinz and Ray, shaking hands and kissing babies, and the biggest weapon in any candidate arsenal—the ever-popular “wave! Heinz and Ray don’t have jobs right now so they can go and do all that’s expected of a candidate running for public office.

Get your facts straight guys and stop the last-minute low blows. That is definitely not one looks for in a “clean election”

“IT” is absolutely “WORTED IT”!

Michael Geisinger
Dandan, Saipan

Michael Geisinger Dayao
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