A home run with marijuana

Posted on Jan 31 2014

I didn’t tell readers the clinchers that should convince even the hardest critics that we should legalize marijuana because I love tough challenges and I wanted to get some reactions first.

FYI, the $527 million in sales of marijuana in the city of Denver was also complemented with an increase in Colorado’s tourist industry that generated $1.6 billion dollars more than they average yearly! Tourists are literally running to Denver and the CNMI would be truly foolish to the highest degree to let this economic game changer leave us in its wake. We will have more investors, tourists, and more airlines than we can handle and the real casinos on Tinian and Rota will finally flourish! The CNMI needs to paddle as fast as we can to ride the marijuana phenomenon that is clearly a wave of economic prosperity before it scatters to other states and regions of the world and we lose again! I have just given readers the empirical truths and facts that prove the CNMI will flourish economically from our tourism industry if we simply legalize marijuana.

Update: Hawaii is already working to create legislation to export marijuana and don’t forget the two states that have made marijuana legal, the dozens of states and Guam that are making marijuana legal for medical use and the dozen or more states that are preparing to put marijuana legalization on the ballot in November this year. So I must ask, are we stupid enough to depend on one or two e-casino rooms of machines, local players, and no workers to save the Fund and other things or do we go for the big and proven payday we need and want so desperately by legalizing marijuana? The billion-dollar question for voters on the future of the CNMI in November is simple: Do you really want to be left standing on first base after three outs with e-casinos or hit a home run with bases loaded with legalize marijuana? November is going to be a big month for marijuana and the mainland voters so we had better get ready because we only get this one shot to be one of the first to cash in on the marijuana mega-bonanza of economic prosperity.

What makes this so great for the CNMI is that islands represent one of the best places in the world to vacation and be able to smoke marijuana without fear of going to jail and we could be the first. Our tourist rates will literally explode with visitors! We also don’t have to worry about repercussions from the feds for legalizing marijuana because they didn’t do anything to the states of Washington and Colorado and they can’t police it anyway. Heck, the President is even on board for moving forward on marijuana legalization! If we miss this boat (opportunity to legalize marijuana) it will send a clear signal that the CNMI is still old-fashioned and overloaded with suckers and losers who fell for e-casinos. I keep trying to help and inform the people and our leaders but I can only keep praying that one day the people and our leaders will realize they need to listen to Mr. B.

Ambrose M Bennett
Kagman, Saipan

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