Honest to God —Enough! 


I’m not injecting religion but “honest to God” is a common saying among locals when it’s enough, as many voters are now saying this about Ralph and Arnold. First Ralph loses in court against the JGO and then he still facing 13 more unlucky charges compounded by the recent FBI subpoenas in his pending RICO case and his failure to appear on the Marianas Agupa Show are all indicators or should I say omens of divine intervention and justice of things to come. When one considers all these things, I’m sure even many Torres voters are thinking and saying—honest to God, that’s enough!

The truth is, Ralph has grossly messed up and he can’t turn around nor can he fix it so he is just plowing ahead thinking he is indestructible like he implies with the “Resilience” on his signs. But after 71 years on this earth and experience with the justice system, I can tell voters with a high degree of certainty that Ralph will not beat both the state and eventual federal RICO charges.

But then there is Arnold who is running solely on “his name and family ties,” as his statements on the Marianas Agupa Forum say a lot about why we need Tina. First, Arnold agrees with Tina on almost everything, then he says “we will give it our best shot” and he even admitted his “disappointed with the many Photo Ops and projects that were never finished” while he admittedly was “taking it on the chin and swallowing his pride” which was his modus operandi of “being blind-eyed and silent” as the lieutenant governor. It seems he only parted ways with Ralph because it was clear that Ralph is “dun” as we say in my culture and he saw a chance to fill the Republicans’ power vacuum that was definitely looming large—an opportunist, not a leader. Nothing is going to change with Arnold and it could get even worse given he hasn’t offered any real visionary plan for our economy to be rebuilt, just rebuilding trust—LOL to keep from crying!

Arnold is throwing political catchwords at us like “equitable, fair and transparent” instead of telling us what he will do. Arnold is claiming that these three political catch-words are “what the people have been longing for,” which is true, but it is also sad too many have literally already swallowed the entire bait and hook pledging to vote for the AD Team when Tina can obviously do it better. Arnold went from Rebuilding Trust to equitable, fair, and transparent but he didn’t offer anything new in the forum—just copied off Tina like students do in school, said one commenter. I think most voters with common sense will agree that our economy and quality of life is far more important than the political catch words that Arnold is pitching to voters. I keep reminding voters he knows how to “talk the talk but can’t walk the talk”.

I will continue to pose the genuine question of “what will be different or even better if Torres or Arnold wins” as most people with common sense know the answer is nothing (taya) and nothing to really celebrate. Honest to God, enough of Ralph and his poli-tricking and the word-semantics games of Arnold, we the people need real leaders with the right stuff to deliver us all from the evils we face economically and socially and that’s for real! Tina and Leila are obviously our best hope for better and ner after this election. 

Ambrose M. Bennett

Ambrose M. Bennett
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