Ideas for a baseball cap


A response to the June 18th headlines on wearing masks, and the U.S. Supreme Court decision on DACA.

The extra-large boldface headline on the front page of the Las Vegas Review Journal is MASKS MANDATED. It is specifically for Nevada casinos to require players and spectators of most casino table and card games to wear protective face coverings. With a rise in COVID-19 cases across the nation, with a few state exceptions, why can’t we have a U.S. national policy requiring wearing of masks? The saving of one life among family or friends would make it well worth it. Long-term effects of the novel coronavirus are beginning to surface, including loss of sense of taste and smell and secondary rashes among some children. Most grocery store chains, supermarkets, barber shops, pharmacies, and restaurants here in Las Vegas require their employees to wear masks. It seems to me to call for a baseball cap to parallel the MAGA hat worn by some who support our current POTUS who does not wear a mask. The hat would be blue with white letters and read: MASK across the top with a second smaller line below that reads: Mask America Safe Kindly. Any potential hat entrepreneurs want to give it a try? I want no credit and hold no patent on any of the ideas or suggestions made here. 

My second hat idea comes from a U.S. Supreme Court decision breaking on TV news shows on the morning of June 18. The banner headline running across the bottom of TV screens reads, “Supreme Court blocks Trump bid to end ‘Dreamer’ protections.” This will directly affect over 700K Dreamers, to say nothing of their families, businesses they work for or own, hospitals, laboratories, schools, colleges, farms, factories, and the American dream of a better life here in the United States. Hooray for the 5 to 4 victory. My DACA hat design is to suggest a beige hat with chocolate cocoa-colored lettering, which reads DACA across the top with a second line below that reads: Dreamers Advocate Constitutional America. 

Breaker. Breaker. Any taker?  Both might be a money maker. 

It would also be a small effort (and contain an inherent ironic element) for healing economic ties to have the hats or material for them made in China, Mexico, or some Third World country but message and/or assembly be here and printed in the USA. We are a democracy within a constitutional republic or, as some like to say, a constitutional republic practicing democracy. Happy 4th of July todu taotao CNMI.

Get a patent. Get them going. Keep democracy growing.

Joey “Pepe Batbon” Connolly 
Las Vegas, NV

Joey “Pepe Batbon” Connolly

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