Ignorance about marijuana


Lee Andersen can’t be smart at all and has some nerve to attack Mr. Hemly and myself for simply promoting what the majority of Americans want and even the majority in the CNMI—legalization.  I guess he didn’t know that attacking us was going to expose his ignorance! His sarcastic remark that “it is a relief, a get-out-of-jail ticket for dopers” really shows how ignorant he is about marijuana. Didn’t he know the President asked states to stop locking up people, especially our youth, for smoking marijuana—ignorance? Putting everyone who smokes in a group labeled “dopers” is a true display of ignorance and ugly stereotyping with an attempt to degrade an entire group of people from different races and different social statuses. I’m sure he doesn’t label everyone who drinks as being an alcoholic.  I can only pray for his sake that he can understand this simple analogy of his ignorance as he is still using the ancient language of the ignorant people who once believed that marijuana was bad because it was illegal—we know better now. FYI, Lee Andersen, you are figuratively a dinosaur living in modern times when it comes to marijuana and you are even behaving like one trying to eat up and/or destroy all the people who use it or want to use marijuana—how ignorant can you get!

There will always be opposition to any change and I can even respect opposition that is based on some facts, principles and morals. But a person shouting ugly ignorant rants about an entire group of people composed of our leaders, professionals and average people from all walks of life must be eradicated like a diseased carrying pest. Lee doesn’t like the taste of my letters because they have a bad reaction on his beliefs like roach spray does to pest figuratively. The funny thing for me is that he doesn’t even have enough sense not to read my letters if he doesn’t like them as he calls it “torture”—his ignorance is truly bliss (enjoyable) for him to subject himself to torture, prayers for him to stop reading my letters and suffering given he is inflicting pain upon himself because I know this one really hurts.

Complaining about me trying to get a job shows even more ignorance and hate as who can be against anyone trying make an honest living. If marijuana is legalized and I am fortunate to get a job in the industry it will be because I may be one of only a few in this entire region who is educated about marijuana and possesses the needed knowledge about the marijuana reforms initiated by the President of the United States. I would much rather be trying to do what the majority of Americans want, including the President than what Lee Andersen wants. In fact, he was more concerned with making sarcastic and signifying comments about me and Mr. Hemly but not a single word on how the CNMI is ever going to learn how to live with marijuana in our society. We can either learn how or continue to flounder fighting a ridiculous war against a natural growing herb and human nature like Lee wants.

FYI Lee, your complaint about a quadriplegic with a medical condition who lost their job and lawsuit for smoking shows your ignorance and theirs. Marijuana is still against federal law and as long as it is against federal law any employer can demand their employees follow federal law. Ignorant people only complain but true citizens like Mr. Hemly and I are trying to do something to fix the problem for all of us and not just those with medical conditions. What are you doing to help the sick Lee, other than spouting your ugly opinions? Your ignorant complaint that marijuana causes brain damage is also being dispelled more and more every day as we now know that marijuana can actually increase and complement certain cognitive and physical functions—where have you been for the past two decades?

All Lee can think of is people being high when marijuana use is more about a way of life just like people use alcohol. When a judge goes home and takes a drink or two so they can relax from the stress of their job are you going to call them an alcoholic because everyone who uses marijuana are not smoking so they can be stone all day as you may think. I’m sure there are a lot of judges and professionals who would rather smoke than drink. So please stop showing your ignorance by calling everyone who smokes a “doper,” which is slang for “drug user” because marijuana is nor a drug it’s a natural herb—talking about ignorance, you can have the cake and you get the prize for ignorance Lee.

Heck, Lee not only tried to group everyone into the same group as dopers who use marijuana he even tried to put Marijuana and “ice or crystal meth” into the same category—ridiculous. Everyone who knows anything about marijuana and ice will tell you that you are ignorant to say that as marijuana and ice are totally different with different addiction levels and effects. Lee’s example of marijuana users turning to ice was clearly a result of “peer pressure” which is why education is the key to stopping the use of ice, not the ridiculousness of blaming marijuana which proves that some critics will say anything to complain but won’t offer a single solution.

I hope and pray for your sake Lee Andersen that this will help you realize how ignorant you sound and how ridiculous you look to readers so please get educated through more objective means as your subjectivity is “shot to the curve” like we say in the Ebonics language of the ghetto. I will pray for you and please stop sending emails to the CNMI if you are not coming back to help the CNMI. We don’t need your outside and non-commitment complaints we need solutions and you don’t have a single one—adios!

Ambrose M Bennett

Jun Dayao Dayao
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