Independent and Democrats decide who wins


The combined independents and Democrats will decide who will be our next governor and it is a mathematical fact, given that the overwhelming majority of voters have already voted against Ralph/Vinnie.

So far only two have fallen publicly so Ralph and Vinnie are stuck with the votes they already got and can’t increase their voter count. It’s clear that if everyone who voted for the independents/ Democrats in the general election means that Arnold and Dave will be the winners in the runoff election.

I’ve heard of only one person wanting to switch to Ralph/Vinnie from the Democrat Party as the majority of voters want to have a better government, a better economy, and a better quality of life and Democrats must stay the course and continue to vote against Ralph. But for those who are thinking about switching to Ralph/Vinnie, we have some sayings that I want to share:

1. “Don’t change horses in the middle of a stream”—it’s usually disastrous.

2. One definition of insanity would be to keep “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

3. “Don’t attend church on Sunday and vote for corruption, retaliation, and poli-tricks on Monday.”

4. We (Democrat Party members) can lead a horse (voter) to water (the polls) but we can’t make them drink (vote), even when it’s to their own advantage—so vote for AD Democrats!

The pledge is real
I must first thank Saipan Mayor David Apatang for suggesting that the independents and Democrats write their agreement down that will cement the agreement for public scrutiny and accountability. The pledge is not just some words on paper but a genuine guarantee that certain things will happen under the AD administration. The AD team didn’t make concession either; they just agreed on the critical issues raised by Democrats so it wasn’t even about compromising nor was anything promised to individuals in the Democratic Party. It is truly an agreement founded upon and driven by integrity/character and the people can surely hold Arnold/Dave accountable. You will rarely ever see agreements like this between politicians from different parties, especially in writing, which is what makes the pledge between the two parties so special and even extraordinary and a first in our political arena. The pledge is real and we can’t trust anything that Ralph says or writes!

So don’t let the idea that it’s not Tina/ Leila anymore because the pledge is Tina’s/Leila’s, who sought the support of the AD team to carry out some of the agenda they had planned. In fact, the AD team really didn’t have to sign the pledge as many Democrats were going to vote for them anyway, but it shows they are men of integrity with a genuine desire to demonstrate they want to rebuild trust and get the ugly out of our politics. It is truly time to clean up the mess that Ralph has made of the CNMI.

Ambrose M. Bennett
Kagman III, Saipan

Ambrose M. Bennett
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