It’s not the govt’s job to run the lives of people, businesses

Posted on May 20 2015

I wanted to bring something to your attention, in regards to the letter “Best method for CNMI’s marijuana industries.”

Reading over this, it was clear that the people of Saipan, just like in America, have lost their way with a real understanding of what the JOB of government is!

Saipan is an American commonwealth, and if Saipan really wants to dig deeper into the truth of what the American founders had in mind for government, they said it is not the job of government to run the lives of people, but to run the country.

Even Ronald Reagan said it’s the job of government to protect the people, not run their lives either.

So when reading over this business of what’s best for Saipan and this marijuana industry, it is to allow the people to run their life in regards to this and for the government stay out of it!

The government should not be involving itself in the business lives of the private sector of people.

Reading over this article all I could see is governmental control, just another aspect of government wanting to get their hands on something they have no business in.

So if Saipan really wants to stand out as a part of America, maybe it’s time that the government that runs Saipan should start really considering how the American government is supposed to be run, and then Saipan can start setting this example of running it the right way. Because government wanting to get in on the marijuana industry for whatever reason is all the wrong reasons. That is not the job of a government, let me make that very clear!

You want to have a good government on Saipan? Then learn to run one like the Founding Fathers of America drafted! A nation that runs its country, not the lives or business of it’s people!

The problem is, America has been running the lives of the American people for so long, I’m not sure people can understand anymore what the government is and isn’t suppose to be doing!

But the facts were made very clear by the Founding Fathers: Anything to do with running a person’s life is not the job of government!

So don’t make the same excuses that America makes, that we need to do this to protect people, because that is not truth, truth is the government creates laws, just like drinking laws, as they would then apply to marijuana from a store, just like an adult buying liquor from a liquor store, and then if anyone violates these laws—like selling marijuana in a licensed marijuana store to a minor as example—then you enforce the law, as the law should be made to protect, but certainly not the government running the show!

Cho Lee
via email

Cho Lee Dayao
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