Let’s not just hope for change. Make it happen


Here are factual, verifiable, and compelling reasons why we need to vote for Democrats:

First, how do we find ourselves in this dismal state and poor quality of life now? Because for 34 years, Republican leaders have deceived our people, misleading us with what they consider as the appropriate advancement of our economy: garment and casino.

Second, our Commonwealth has not significantly and progressively improved since 1978. In the ’80s and ’90s the disastrous garment corruption scandals disrupted our lives and maligned our dignity. Twenty years later the casino fiasco not only challenged our tolerance but our conscience.

Third, for the true advancement of our islands to be realized, we must see the equity and inclusivity for all, especially for the underserved.
Fourth, one must ask the question: Are we as a community much better off today than we were in the past two decades? While some may answer with yes, I can assure you that many would answer with “no.” Why? Because the standard of living to most of our people in the Commonwealth has either stagnated or regressed. Why? Because while the elite and well-off continue to rise in their lifestyles, the poor and neglected continue to suffer.

Fifth, while many in the Republican leadership claim to have advanced the CNMI, the only real advancement happening are those businesses who have come to prosper and take advantage of the opportunities, all the while our people have been neglected, especially if you are not a member of the inner circle, designed by the Republicans who control these businesses.

Sixth, more fundamentally, the quality of life for majority of our people in this Commonwealth continue to regressively disappoint all of us. Instead of leading us to the “promised land” and give us hope, the Republican elite control the meaningful future, reserved only for their few.
Seventh, another endemic situation that is happening is the unprecedented large number of our own people moving out of the islands due to corruptions, abuse of power, gross misuse of financial resources, and rampant unethical acts. This statement is not only factual, it is supported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation by its action in issuing a federal subpoena on Gov. Torres. No one is served with a subpoena, be it local or federal, without probable cause.

Eight, federal investigation of corruptions, fraud related crimes and malfeasances in governments are actively ongoing.

Ninth, besides these concerning activities above, the draining of our talented and educated youth leaving the islands because of the lack of opportunity and the corrupt system of hiring based on lineage and who you know devalues and demeans educational pursuit.

Tenth, Gov. Torres deceived the youth of the Commonwealth for not living up to his pledge to be the ethical and moral leader he assures them he would be.

Eleventh, Gov. Torres’ deep involvement in the casino scam impugned his integrity as an honorable leader, which puts the allegiance of our citizens unnecessarily divided. When a leader loses credibility among his citizens for his destructive behavior through arrogance, his ability to govern effectively is irreparably damaged.

These are compelling reason why I am pleading with our citizens to vote for change by electing Democrats to the Legislature. In return, voters are being assured to expect that Democrats will bring a different and exciting approach to governance and how they look at problem-solving methodology. From disaster to opportunity, from secrecy to public disclosure, from “can’t be done” to “will find a way,” from shortcuts to deliberate, from negligence to prudence, and from irresponsibility to accountability.

I know that character, moral leadership, and integrity are values we cannot put aside. If we pass these values to our children by electing Democrats to safeguard and brighten their future, our Commonwealth will be better with it and so would our children.

There are thousands of fathers and mother out in our community who would do anything to protect the future of their children. Let this election be the most important opportunity to change the political culture of destruction and mistrust to a future of divine purpose. How can we not do it for our children?

Daniel O. Quitugua
Kannat Tabla, Saipan

Contributing Author

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