To Mr. Hunter and Mr. Governor

Posted on Feb 14 2014


Mr. Robert Hunter, good for you and those who knows the governor and those who live on Saipan. No offense but try living on Tinian and Rota. If you were in our shoes, you’ll probably understand why I’m asking those questions.

Since the beginning of this settlement hearing, we are always left out. The only time we were allowed to participate in the court hearing of the Retirement Fund was on the final hearing of the settlement where we didn’t know much to be able to voice our opinion.

Let me ask this question: Wasn’t it the governor’s duty to address or stand on behalf of the people who voted for him during this settlement? The other question I want to ask is, Betty Johnson had more than one attorney and they were paid higher than our attorney. Had our governor hired attorneys like those hired by Betty Johnson, would it have made a difference? On Sept. 30, 2013, I was surprise when Judge Tydingco-Gatewood mentioned that the attorney hire by our governor was the cheapest. Don’t you think we deserve better? Betty had three attorneys. What if the governor hired three attorneys for Saipan, Tinian, and Rota?

Yes, you’re right; there is a lot I don’t know about. The only thing that matters to me is how all these positive moving forward going to help improve our problems, if our leaders continue to leave a mess for new leaders to clean up. And corrupted leaders are voted again and again. Don’t you think it’s time they start making laws to put to justice those who neglect their duties or intentionally corrupt the system for conflict of interest?

To me, a leader is not afraid to say or do anything if he is not guilty of anything. Leaders listen and help their people to make things better. Not just relatives or friends. A leader is always ready with answers when his or her administration is questioned.

Sorry, Mr. Governor, I’m just cautious on whom to vote for this coming election, and I need to know who fits your position. The economy is dying here on Tinian and you continue to do the same things over and over. I mean you continue to employ people whom you don’t really need and corrupt the system. If you hire an expensive expert that can do the job of five people presently employed, you probably will make a difference.

Show us how serious you are in saving energy by enforcing strict regulations in shutting usage that are not needed after working hours within government office. Make sure that all expenditures are accounted for, and make it available for us to know since we are paying for the fuel charges. Share your plans on economic development with your people, and report your plans and accomplishments. Make sure that training and college are available for the people of Tinian and Rota. Why is there is no trade institute here available for the people of Tinian and Rota? How can your people work or replace those CWs if there is no training or college available for the jobs that they want to learn how to do? When and how are you going to fix the transportation and food shortage problem on Rota? What are you plans in coming up with and income guidelines for those families who are now struggling in this economy?

Now that your report card is good on Saipan, how about improving it here on Tinian and Rota?

Please Mr. Governor, have pity on us and help us get to where were are going to. Also, please give an answer on when and how you plan to pay us the interest so that we can move forward with Saipan.

Winnie Atalig,
San Jose, Tinian

Jun Dayao Dayao
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