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On Nov. 30, 2021, my open letter to the members of the Democratic Party in the Commonwealth was published in Saipan Tribune and Marianas Variety. I wrote that letter so that members of the Democratic Party will be made aware of the kind of leadership, or the persons who control the Democratic Party’s affairs, movement, and particularly, on what actually happened on Oct. 24, 2021 (Democratic Party Central Executive Committee’s meeting with Lt. Gov. Palacios and Mayor Apatang). I hope in reading my letter that you are able to visualize and understand the factual event that took place on that day. I stand firmly on what I wrote because, it is the truth.

I write this letter not to glorify chairwoman Nola Hix—let her do that herself, she is good at it, believe me. And frankly, I felt it will be a waste of my time to respond to her letter, published in the Saipan Tribune last week, regarding my letter mentioned above. However, I decided to write this letter because I cannot allow Nola Hix to continue to harass me the way she did that day on Oct. 24, 2021, and be untruthful, as if it is okay and right for her to keep lying, again and again. Nola Hix’s response to my said letter was her makeup story, exaggerated and with a lot of worms.

What she wrote are without facts and libelous. Yes, libelous! She cannot defend herself on what she wrote about me. (“He was cursing,” “He was disruptive,” “Had an outburst,” “Disruptive was followed by the kind request for him to “please excuse himself”). Really? Forgive me, for I have no other choice but to say that Democratic Party chairwoman Nola Hix is untruthful and a liar. She continually lied and lied and lied. Why? What has she to gain by lying? Will it hurt to admit faults and to call me to meet, discuss and settle our disagreement and differences amicably? Of course not. This “child” has a lot to learn. The first thing she needs and must learn is “to be respectful.”

Nola Hix forgets that she is of Refaluwasch descent. Showing and offering respect to others, particularly from a “child” to her “elders,” is paramount in our Refaluwasch culture and tradition. Sadly, she has no respect at all. This child has lost touch, practice, and values of our Refaluwasch custom. Unfortunately, she has become westernized and yes, Nola Hix often smiles and looks beautiful but in reality, behind the mirror, she is an egoistic, rude, and disrespectful person. Nola’s Refaluwasch families are nice, friendly, hospitable and respectful. They are my family too.

One day, the truth will come out and will prevail. As she herself said and I agree, there were many people there at the meeting who I have known for years and respect. They are understanding, educated, and respectful individuals. I believe that they may have witnessed how the incident started or happened. Very unfortunate that the offer made on Oct. 24, 2021 by Lt. Gov. Palacios and Mayor Apatang to collaborate with the Democratic Party in carrying out and to fighting hard to win the expressed desire and hope of the many people in our Commonwealth—which is “putting an end to corruption, restoring transparency, accountability, integrity and to put our government back in the hands of our people”—was railroaded and killed by Democratic Party chairwoman Nola Hix, vice chairman Dan Quitugua, and the few members of Central Executive Committee without the knowledge or participation of the good members of the Democratic Party on Saipan, Tinian and Rota. What a lost opportunity for the Democratic Party.

Let me reiterate once again, I will remain committed and will never let anyone deter me from my belief, actions and for standing up for what is right that promotes the interests of our people first.

Pedro R. Deleon Guerrero
Garapan, Saipan

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