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When intuition signals an approaching deluge beyond normal climatic tidal shift it means trouble ahead for these isles. It pays to keenly observe events unfolding in Japan and Asia and their implications here.

Japan has begun plans to build and open her casino industry over the next decade. She’s also begun building rural resorts in scenic areas designed for the wealthy and has urged her people to take vacations at home. A recent survey says some 74 percent have agreed to do so beginning this year.

North Korea: The national media have expressed concerns over military personnel in Guam because they are “U.S. citizens.” There’s never any mention that the people of Guam are also U.S. citizens. Woe! Talk about ignorance!

It’s another senseless slight in what they make of our brothers and sisters down south. Is it excusable in what’s known in journalism school as “major error in fact”? Sickening the use of the people and island as simple cogs in the huge industrial war machinery of our country.

D.C. sewer: For all the talk to clean out the Washington swamp, apparently there are two creatures in the filthy lake: the monster swamp and the swamp monster.

Well, the swamp is the federal government—the U.S. Congress, disoriented liberals, and its pliant lame media—now known by hardworking Americans across the country as the D.C. “sewer.”

The swamp is the bipartisan disaster known as the federal government. It’s a fearful muddy place with gators that smile with white teeth illuminating even on moonless nights.

Obama promised that we can “keep our doctor…” only to find out it would cost upwards of $2,500 to do it. Evidently, for seven years Republicans promised repeal but got cold feet and caved into its genteel demeanor clueless of their inaction!

Came retired general John Kelly, a man familiar with Marine discipline he needs to spread among key staffers. He could do it but would Trump’s mercurial mood allow him to do so?

It isn’t surprising that this “president has neither a history of party identification nor an understanding of reciprocal loyalty” and he couldn’t care less. Someday when he leaves he would find the swamp a lot cleaner than when he first found it.

Earhart: A stateside group is looking for public land to build a memorial monument of sort for Amelia Earhart here. Let’s get certain things straight: What did the lost aviator do for the indigenous people of these isles to merit our land?

She disappeared near Jaluit Island in the Republic of the Marshalls in 1937. Therefore, it stands to reason that a final internment at sea be done on that side of the Pacific. We have no obligations on this issue whatsoever. Therefore, use of indigenous public land must be denied forthwith!

Financing: A trusted source said a certain firm here would be bankrolling the re-election of lapdog legislators in next year’s election. It must be nice ascertaining that its interest stays rock solid at the expense of “we the people” whose interest has taken tertiary consideration. Isn’t this illegal and isn’t the Russian collusion intact on the national table?

John S. DelRosario Jr.
As Gonno, Saipan

Contributing Author

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