To the people of the CNMI preparing for this year’s elections

Posted on Aug 28 2014

In my life, I’ve learned much about the world of politics, having been exposed to the ways of politicians in the U.S. mainland and how they respond to their constituents’ plethora of problems. After researching their duties, I’ve found there are only a handful of people who become politicians.

First, there are the corrupt who have the gift of gab. They speak extremely well and are able to sway the populace with veiled promises, while they’re in fact lining their pockets with money meant for their constituents.

Secondly, there are the good-intentioned but mentally weak corruptible individuals. They share the same gifts: eloquent vernacular, good intentions, love their people and they intend to do what they promise. However, after being voted into office, they’ll fall for the wiles pushed on them by the first group of politicians.

Following the corrupted and the corruptible are the scapegoats. These are extremely good-intentioned people who cannot be swayed or talked into joining the corrupted political committee. What they don’t understand is how to protect themselves from what I refer to as verbal assassination. One must inherently know everything about what they do and who they associate with and what they do as well. Without knowledge, it can be easy to manipulate the population into believing something is true when it is factually not. Unfortunately, because they don’t know how to properly navigate the consistent babbling, blaming, and finger-pointing corrupt, they fall victim to becoming scapegoats. They fail to realize what happened because of the corrupt. Subsequently, when the people notice something is amiss or discover there’s pocket lining happening or that promises weren’t fulfilled, the corrupt find ways to push the blame onto the scapegoats. Many corrupt are very adept at finding scapegoats. If a politician doesn’t remain aware, they can fall victim to this. It is sad but very true.

Finally, there are true leaders. The ones who wear an identifiably sincere smile and are well known for the things they say and their follow through. These people know the way games are played in politics and from this, they’re well aware of what the corrupt will do. These leaders know how to legally protect themselves so scapegoating can’t be placed on them. They are for the people and realize their position is one of service. They know they were voted to serve the people, so everything they do is to fulfill these obligations. They do not think overly high of themselves nor look down upon others. These leaders aren’t extravagant, materialistic, money-hungry hyenas. They display a professional appearance in everything.

I’m blessed knowing that my mother, Susana Deleon Guerrero, is a person fitting the leader’s role. She’s genuine; she’s the real deal. And I know she’s for the people and can relate to them, because we’ve been there.

We went through the same hardships and survived. As a single mother raising three boys and a girl, she made sure we had something to eat, even if it came from the government. Her pride didn’t stop her from doing what’s needed for her children.

We struggled, but we were in want for nothing. Although she didn’t make much money, we always had something from her for Christmas. Though we weren’t rich in money or materials, we were rich in love, family, and determination.

Yet through all the hardship, my mother raised her children with the attitude to do what’s necessary to provide. Also, we knew how important family is, so if necessary we’d have one relative or another in our home.

The CNMI could not ask for a better person to join the role of a leader. And I couldn’t be more proud to be her son. It would be an enormous blessing to know she’s where she can be of most use—serving the people of the CNMI.

Dwayne P Blas Reyes
Sierra Vista, AZ

Jun Dayao Dayao
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