A ‘pot’-full of issues


This is in response to Mr. Rudy M. Sablan’s “Your Plan-Version 1” letter to the editor where he might have inadvertently wrote in to include Anatahan as being part of a lease alongside Farallon de Medinilla and others.

To my knowledge and as a resident of Anatahan I would more than likely have raised some issues if it were to happen. But other than that try not to be some kind of freemason elite sending or writing messages to our so called CNMI litters (leaders) or to a specific “gayu” on what could be done because as far as I am concerned leasing out Anatahan to the U.S. military is not on the table. And if you are an honorable individual, please tread lightly and proofread before laying claims to somebody’s’ idea. In this case an idea from a full-blooded and born and raised Refaluwasch on the lovely island of Saipan and a resident of the pristine island of Anatahan.

On to our next issue is that of the marijuana legislation. First of let me just say that let us all agree to agree in one thing and that is that marijuana is a drug, right? Now let’s break the argument down into pieces so some or all our readers would more than likely agree to. We all can agree that both sides of the issue at hand have and continue to have studies on marijuana. Whether it be for medical and or recreational. The other issue to consider is the study group—the government (U.S. federal government) and the other are numerous independent study group. Let’s start with the independent study group. If we were to summarize their findings into one report, they would all more than likely agree or support marijuana medical and or recreational use, at least to my understanding. Given that they are funded independently and not by any government funds. Then we look to the one-sided government studies, in which most of their reports allege that marijuana should and never be considered as a medical or recreational drug of choice, right?

Reasons that seem to point out that seem ludicrous, if I may say. Now if you will, let me try and have our readers agree to this, marijuana has and will continue to be the most studied drug in the whole world, I would say. The next argument would be what is marijuana? Well, let us all agree that marijuana is a drug same as Tylenol, Sudafed, Aspirin, and so forth. If we were to argue about it more, how about this? How is are drugs made? Marijuana is a natural drug that grows out of a seed when planted in the soil and nurtured ‘till the most revered part, the buds as they call it, matures and gives of this scent which is comparable to a skunk odor or in our local community, the fruit bat smell.

If you want to get more acquainted to this scent given of by the magnificent fruit bat, I would recommend a visit to the Saipan Zoo where I believe, Mr. Frank Aldan can point you to one. The most commonly used and readily available drug would be Tylenol. I and most of our readers would most certainly agree that Tylenol is a drug manufactured, processed, and packaged. And as we all would agree any human made products are tainted with flaws to the point where death can be the immediate result if and or when not properly handled or in this case administered. Then another argument, we or our readers would agree on is that any drug has side effects whether it be conducive or non-conducive, if this were the appropriate term to use. Speaking from personal experience and from many study reports on the daily use of marijuana, peculiar side effects of marijuana use is that of the sense of euphoria and the immediate onset of hunger or the feeling of being hungry either for the munchies or such. Now if you were to ask me to explain euphoria—euphoria to me is like a sensation where you feel as if you are connected to each and every living thing that makes our world go on and on and on. Certain side effects on the daily use of Tylenol for example, is liver damage, period. As we all would certainly agree, a damaged liver is irreplaceable and or worse yet unrepairable, meaning certain death. To wrap up this issue so we can all agree to agree, I would like to recognize and give credit to our late and talented entertainment artist, Uncle David K. Peter. Whom in one of those moments where I would fondly keep his story alive as he sat and told it as it is. This argument is so much bigger if we were to fully comprehend why is it that marijuana will and continue to be a controversial drug of choice for the many or millions to be exact, who are currently or have passed on and or have recently been diagnosed with the ill-fated types of cancer. And that is, who are the people against the marijuana legislation if passed, will suffer? Makers of those readily and accessible drugs will be the ones, so much like they have just been diagnosed with cancer itself. Imagine if marijuana was readily available and accessible over the counter, huh? This other drugs of choice will dramatically see the light at the end of the tunnel I would say. But hey do not take my word for it. I am neither for nor against marijuana legislation.

Luciano M. Rangamar
Eatonville, Washington

Luciano M. Rangamar

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