A President Hillary Clinton?


We know CNMI Washington Delegate Kilili Sablan is enamored over her—he has to, his survival in office is dependent on playing ball with the Democratic Party. And if the GOP candidate is elected to the U.S. presidency, the Northern Marianas just might lose its treasured “parole” as granted to China (Russia) by Homeland Security. If that happens? Doomsday cometh. There goes the only industry and bread-winner we have, tourism. But at what cost?

Most of us also know that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a soiled history of untrustworthiness, deception, fraud, corruption—the list is endless—including “allegations” of drug dealings, murders, and directing billions of illicit dollars funneled into her/Bill’s Clinton Foundation while she served as U.S. Secretary of State. More recently, the current “allegations” of treason by virtue of mishandling thousands of top secret emails through her unsecured server has put every single American—and we here in the islands—at risk: FBI investigators (147) already have enough emails, many proven to have been hacked by foreign nations, to indict her; Correspondence spiraling Hillary closer to spending time in prison before the November election.

So here’s the question: with such a “tarnished background” can a President Hillary Clinton—the only first lady in the White House to undergo multiple and rigorous criminal investigations—be trusted to economically improve the CNMI’s future? Or save us from warring aggressors bent on destroying America and our islands? And this: despite the mass murders around the world deliberately committed by sworn Muslim Jihadist terrorist, President Hillary—as with President Obama’s failed policies of appeasement and delusion—has sworn to fling open U.S. citizenship, unlawfully—just to curry Latino votes and win in the 2016 November election. Will we be safer? Nuts.

Jihadist terrorist (and Iran) have already declared “death to America,” Israel and other western nations. In the last five years, around the globe, they’ve beheaded, immolated, bombed, shot, knifed and raped well over seventy thousand of innocent men, women, and children while our country’s “leaders” fret over “water-board torture” of our enemies. All of us need real American leaders to meet this threat head-on and fight back before it’s too late. America must not cower behind being “politically correct” any longer while those killers continue their rampage. Clinton is not it.

If in doubt here’s a site you might want to click on: “youtube- Hillary Clinton-One step from prison.”

Lee Andersen
Chalan Kanoa

Lee Andersen

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