The real embarrassment


I can see Frank Mitchell is itching for a fight and I will be more than glad to oblige him. Since you want to point fingers, Frank, and fight dirty instead of offering a solution, I will gladly give you a taste of your own medicine.

Who do you think you are and by what authority do you label people because they have a different opinion? You sound like an idiot on the corner yelling and playing prophet and we all know how ridiculous they look! In fact, you are the new kid on the block trying to make a name by attacking the very people who have earned the respect and even the admiration of many people in our society.

Frank, you are hating and your letter is proof as it was only talking about people when we the people have real issues and challenges that need to be resolved, not name calling matches and the old school practice of killing the messenger. I just wonder who put you up to writing that mess and if you even exist as a real person. In fact, most readers will tell you that only an idiot would dare attack Gary, me, John, and the thousands who support us! I know for a fact that many people pick up the paper looking for something I have written, so please shove that mess you are selling.

You and your friends that agree with you Frank are real embarrassments to our society and your statement stereotyping people by race clearly shows the racist mentality that you and your friends process when you said to Gary: “his unhappy white guy-style ramblings.” Frank, you talk like you have polled everyone in the CNMI but your assessment of what readers think and who reads what couldn’t be further from the truth. FYI, Frank, I have written thousands of letters and people are still telling me to keep writing so stop hating because you didn’t say anything to help our society or the Commonwealth! The sad, funny, and ridiculous thing is you didn’t even have an issue to discuss, just badmouthing people. We must pray for you!

Threatening not to read a reply to your letter is not going to save you from the embarrassing blows you have brought upon yourself, Frank. FYI, you may not read this but it does not matter because all the other readers who read this reply will know! You need to learn how to respect other people’s opinion and how to stick to the points or issues because character assassination attempts in the opinion section will always backfire in your face! FYI, you can’t speak for the entire CNMI and the only people open to public scrutiny in the news are those we have elected, not private individuals like Gary, myself, and John.

Thanks for the exercise, Frank. Hadn’t worked out like that in awhile as writers in the opinion section are usually writing about issues, not people. But it did feel good putting you in your place and if you want more just let me know and I will be glad to oblige you.

Ambrose M Bennett
Kagman, Saipan

Ambrose M Bennett Dayao
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