Thinking vs reality and philosophy: A perspective of legalization


We all have a tendency to say or promote what we think which is a major characteristic of all humans that separate us from all the other species on planet Earth. But what are thinkers basing their thoughts on? Is it experience, facts, fiction, or just guessing? The true challenge to thinking is the “Art” of taking into consideration all of the factors or realities and potential factors that could generate futuristic outcomes to make a determination of what we as humans should do in a situation, to live, to grow and even prosper during our time on Earth. We apply thinking to almost everything we do and the amazing thing is we think without even knowing it because certain things become natural in our thinking process. Earth has been blessed with the gift of some great thinkers going back thousands of years but the problem is many of the important thoughts of these great thinkers were never accepted by the mainstream society of their time and it wasn’t until they were long dead and gone as to their true brilliance. Our ability to think can also be very debilitating to our ability to listen- as the saying goes “they think they know everything and you can’t tell them nothing” for true! Just think if mankind would have truly listen to some of our great thinkers or philosophers and how much further along our evolutionary progress would be today. The real challenge is we as humans don’t all think the same way to move in the same direction unlike all the other species whose behavior is totally imbedded in their nature and doesn’t change from mothering instincts to migration instincts.

Unlike animals whose evolutionary development is driven solely by their nature and environmental changes, which is beyond their control, humans have almost total control over our evolution, which is still in progress on this planet for those who have forgotten this very important fact. The first challenge to human’s evolution was to learn and become civilized enough to live with and evolve as civilized societies. Human have faced many challenges in our evolution and as we can all see the human race has survived and even grew to prosper. However, challenges like terrorism, poverty, slavery. and many others will continue as we evolve until they are overcome. But I’m writing this about a much smaller and a much simpler challenge that humans face with a simple herb plant as humans are finally taking another tiny evolutionary step with the legalization of marijuana.

I have heard many people say what they think about legalization and wonder do they realize how ridiculous they sound but I’m glad that the majority of people everywhere legalization is offered have approved it with only one exception in Ohio because the bill was so poorly written and shortsighted. Some people think we should not legalize it at all, others think we should only have medical marijuana legal, and there is the growing majority who want full legalization. There are many different reasons why those who think humans should say no to marijuana or only marijuana for medical use but please consider the following realities and philosophy when you think about the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana was given to mankind to use—true reality. The feds have already given up on marijuana eradication in most of America because of federal reforms by the President and it will forever be growing as marijuana is part of our planet’s nature. The U.S. Attorney General and even the Supreme Court of America are allowing states to enact their own legalization laws to “reform” our criminal justice system.

The CNMI has established a Drug Court that we all should know was done to fight “ice,” not to be flooded with frivolous marijuana crimes that are not even a crime in many states with 23 other states putting legalization on the ballot this year. Think about the true reality that the legalization for medical use alone does not work and it really creates more marijuana crimes by people trying to purchase legal marijuana through illegal means. While I will be the first to say there have been some isolated incidents of bad experiences with marijuana that was mainly because of “ignorance and not adhering to the protocols for using marijuana,” but all of the major concerns and arguments against legalization have been debunked. But most importantly, legalization is an economic green gold mine, which is why virtually every state is considering or has plans for the ballot.

So if you are truly thinking about the legalization of marijuana you must consider the realities of legalization. But please don’t play god and try to think you can predict when CNMI society is ready to legalize marijuana because no one knows exactly what all of our society wants and is ready for. But I will say any society on earth that avoids the reality of change and our evolution is one that doesn’t get it. Humans have mastered every challenge we have faced and we shouldn’t fear dealing with a simple non-threatening plant to our health that is commonly used and acceptable throughout the planet. The question of when will all humans agree to the simple fact and reality that we as humans must eventually learn how to live with marijuana in our society using a different method or philosophy than making marijuana use a crime, as criminalization does not work and is even counterproductive to our evolution as humans fighting a wasteful ridiculous war against pot.

The realities are clearly dictating an economic, philosophical and sociological evolutionary step has dawned on the horizon for humans to take with legalization spreading like a wildfire through America. Will you help the CNMI take a step forward with full legalization of will you try to prevent or delay the inevitable progress in our evolution in the CNMI? Legalization is about much more than just medicine or getting high, it is about the evolution of our society in the CNMI in finally learning how to live with marijuana, which we can do if we all come together to face the challenge and if we all work together to master the challenge. The people of the CNMI have always been the masters of our fate and now we need everyone or at least the majority to go in the right direction together on the right path for evolving and true progress.

I’m humbly and respectfully appealing to readers to really think about the realities and to choose the right path for full legalization based on the realities and the facts which are literally dictating a philosophy for evolving as humans driven by nature’s never ending production of marijuana and our very nature to use marijuana as humans on planet Earth—we can’t beat nature. Everyone who has truly tried to educate themselves about marijuana should now know that the entire world was misled in making marijuana illegal and we should use our ability to think in correcting this error in our evolution. There are literally hundreds of millions waiting to address the medical, social, and economic needs of the CNMI—do we want them? One people one direction for full legalization if you are truly thinking!

The only remaining challenges are making sure the best possible legislation is passed that must go through two houses and the governor and convincing enough for the people to approve the legalization of marijuana.

Ambrose M. Bennett

Contributing Author

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