Tina vs Arnold and the no-show!


For those who didn’t see the forum held on the Marianas Agupa Show, it was truly informative and eye-opening as neither candidate could “hide or avoid being exposed for what they really are,” which is why the governor was a no-show. It was awesome that Mr. Glen Manglona offered the forum for the people and he even hinted at another forum before the election. But before I get to Tina and Arnold, I must agree with Mr. Manglona about the governor not having a legitimate excuse for being a no-show as he could have participated from anywhere on the planet and he didn’t even offer an apology or anything – the old silent-strategy he and Arnold have been using ever since hoping voters will just forget.  

But more importantly, I believe the governor is finally realizing that he is dun, as we say in my culture in our ebonics language- for my critics. The recent FBI visit to witnesses and the issuing of subpoenas has really signaled the final notes being played in the governor’s swansong, as the governor now knows for-true that the feds are going to arrest him. I’m sure he didn’t want to answer questions about him facing RICO charges but, like my fellow activist Fabian said, “Ralph will show up on his radio show to try and change the narrative” with his deflecting and gaslighting show.  

A brief synopsis of what transpired in the forum, as it’s too much to write for this limited letter. 

I want to be fair to Arnold but he made it really hard for me by doing more “story-telling than answering questions.” While Tina pledged to “end the corruption, the nepotism, favoritism, and retaliations firing.” Arnold did not make that same pledge, just said how bad it was and agreed with Tina. Tina even pledged that she and Leila would drive their own cars, pay their own power bills, and a list of other reforms that will end the abuse and misuse of our money—leading by example. While Arnold did a lot of agreeing with Tina, which was a signal that he really can’t distinguish himself as being different or even better than Tina. The only difference Arnold tried to highlight was the “A & D experience of 60 years” while Tina and Leila actually have 40 years of experience. Tina even has a broader base of experience than Arnold having worked in our Congressional Office in Washington working with the federal agencies who continue to help the CNMI. 

When it comes to leadership, Arnold was talking about “picking up the phone and calling the college, asking the departments to prioritize what needs to be done (deflecting), and even claiming ignorance about our money which Tina did concur to being true about how Ralph and his secretary of Finance keeping secrets but Tina had real plans. The only good thing Arnold said was his dissatisfaction with the many projects that he and the governor started but virtually none of them have been completed—duh! I know the Sugar Dock people are still waiting. Arnold even said, “he would often just take-it-on-the-chin (give-up) and even be silent about incomplete projects” which should have told listeners that Arnold is not a fighter for the people but will swallow his pride for politics and being able to stay in office. Arnold only promised to “give it their best” which tells me he does not have a real plan and is definitely not the one we need. 

But Tina was right on point with the questions and her answers as it was clear she had done her home-work and didn’t need to read from a list of things like Arnold and she had a real answer for all the questions, not stories. I won’t even try to tell readers all the good things that Tina said as people will think I’m just biased and even lying. I’m encouraging all voters to go online and listen for yourself as it was in English to accommodate every voter. Tina was more than convincing that she is the better candidate with an “array of plans to improve our economy and our quality of life. See for yourself, as I don’t want readers to even think I’m trying to sway their vote, as I’m confident the truth that Tina is the best candidate will speak for itself if readers will take the time to view and listen to the forum.  

Ambrose M. Bennett

Ambrose M. Bennett
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