We’re all in the dark


My writings have often drawn fire for what some readers perceive to be outrageous opinions or, God forbid, conspiracy theories. It’s time to come clean.

I always viewed the main job of a writer—any writer—was to be interesting. If the piece wasn’t interesting, nobody would finish it. Didn’t matter if the material presented was controversial, if it was interesting, it was submitted for publication.

I find Corey Goode to be an interesting man, and I have heard him speak in numerous YouTube videos. Not only does Mr. Goode claim to be part of the Secret Space Program (the U.S. has allegedly traveled to Mars and beyond since the 1970’s) but that he has met with alien beings and has also traveled to Venus and other planets. Is what Mr. Goode says true? No idea, but what he says is certainly interesting. Travel to Mars? C’mon. But if you listen to him talk, he sounds pretty convincing.

This is what I find interesting: people who insist that their experiences actually happened, and that they want to get the word out about them.

But wait.

The great writer, H. L. Mencken, wrote, “We are here and it is now. Other than that, all human knowledge is moonshine.” That’s reality’s bottom line: we are here and it is now.

If we dig a little deeper we get to the physicist, Tom Campbell. What he says is that all reality is based in consciousness. In other words, without consciousness, there is no reality. We would have no awareness of “here” or “now.” Without consciousness, we would cease to be.

For us Westerners, this topic is not interesting. We have to pick up the twins after soccer practice, and not miss the Dallas game. Our lives are so full of plans and expectations that we miss most of what goes on. We don’t care about the bigger picture because it doesn’t matter. Our consciousness is riveted on “Third and fifteen.”

Oh, what we don’t know.
If we take a moment to consider all of human knowledge, or experience, of everything that ever existed, we humans know less than a tiny speck of it. We’re in the dark, and have been, pretty much since our days as cave dwellers.

Yes, we have advanced technologically, but the human being, the quality of consciousness, has remained about the same. There are still wars, hatred, and bigotry–all based in ignorance.

This ignorance is rooted in a lack of spiritual awareness and connection. It has been often observed that, “We are not humans on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey.” This means that our true nature is spirit—the externals, such as race, color, sexual preferences—are all superfluous. We are here to learn and grow.

Still, most people aren’t interested in spiritual matters. They have to pick up the kids, or maybe read about “interesting” topics such as UFOs, the MV Luta, or what really happened on 9/11.

In the end, it’s all trivia, but it’s interesting trivia. Plus it gives me some topics to write about. It also provides readers distraction from things that are most important; and which are, unfortunately, of little interest to them.

Tom Campbell summed it up: our main task as human beings is to care for others more than ourselves. The Dalai Lama said, “We are here to help each other.”

While waiting for civilization to progress, I’ll continue to write about “interesting” topics and hope for the best.

Russ Mason
As Teo, Saipan

Russ Mason

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