What is the greatest satisfaction you get from your job?


Saipan Tribune did a survey on some of the longest-serving employees of some government agencies/non-profit organizations and here are their responses:

Urbano Babauta

Name: Urbano Babauta
Position: Investigator III
Years of service: 34 Years (since Aug. 28, 1988)

“The greatest thing(s) that I am satisfied with my job is not one thing but multiple things, like assisting assistant attorneys general, performing administrative and legal investigations but, most especially, assisting the attorney general.  However, to narrow it down to one thing, it would be serving penal summons, witness summons, civil documents and other documents that need to be served. Serving legal documents are vital for the cases filed by the Office of the Attorney General in order for the cases to be finally adjudicated.

Hermis Jim

Name: Hermis Jim
Position: WIC Nutrition Technician
Years of service: 16

“[My greatest job satisfaction is] ​b​eing able to assist and serve families in our community and working with a great team.”

Bernice S. Maratita

Name: Bernice S. Maratita
Position:  Administrative Officer II, Dr. Rita Hocog Inos Jr/Sr. High School
Years of service: 33 years, 11 months

“I think the greatest pleasure I am gaining from my work is seeing our students happy, eager, and fearless in their effort to learn. The past few years have brought challenges and struggles at RHI, but I’ve witnessed first-hand how our kids are remarkably resilient and were able to overcome and adapt to the changing times. Overall, I am truly honored and just so grateful to know that, in some small way, my being here has impacted their learning experiences, accomplishments, and successes in school. They are the reason we serve and do everything we can to teach them, guide them, protect them, and love them just as if they were our own children.”

Jacqueline A. Quitugua

Name:  Jacqueline A. Quitugua
Position: Senior director for Curriculum and Instruction; Rota Elementary School and Rota High School then moved to Central in 1984-2006 as Science, Health/HIV program specialist and now, senior director for Curriculum and Instruction
Years of service: 42 years, 3 months

“The greatest satisfaction I have is seeing our students reach their hopes and dreams, drawing the fullest potential of our students and are contributing to the community and their families! When we see our students taking lead in various agencies, businesses, and wider communities—local and abroad—we can then say we have done well (big or small). And when parents, teachers, and other stakeholders including students share their struggles, I call that ‘unfinished work’ and ‘lessons learned.’ I must work harder to meet the needs of the new students and the next generation.  Honestly, I never even counted the years, it is a daily calling and responding to the needs of our children and serving/supporting our teachers and school leaders.”

Probio D. Cabrera

Name: Probio D. Cabrera
Position: Statistical Specialist III, Office of Accountability, Research, and Evaluation
Years of service: 32 years, 11 months

“I am happy to be part of the CNMI Public School System’s family. I acknowledged working for the CNMI Public School System for over 30 years, working through eight Commissioner of Education. The most satisfying for this job is maintaining responsibilities in my capacity throughout these years, being able to provide the required meaningful basic education data and information, for both local and state levels.”

Alfreda Camacho Maratita

Name: Alfreda Camacho Maratita
Position: Special Assistant for Public Transportation for the Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority
Years of service: 9 years and 2 months

“The greatest satisfaction that I get from serving at this agency is helping my team members advance their career goals in public transportation. Leading a team of individuals who pride themselves on the importance of moving our community around through an alternative form of transportation has been rewarding and fulfilling over the nine years that I have been a part of this wonderful organization. I am a firm believer that transit changes lives and I am so grateful to see that in each one of these men and women who make up the Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority.”

Col. Marvin P.  Sablan

Name:  Col. Marvin P.  Sablan
Years in service:  33 years (since October 1989)
Agency: Division of Customs and Biosecurity

“I enjoy my job because I help to keep our islands safe from drugs.  Protecting our borders is more than just a job, it is part of who I am and the team that I have worked with over the years. My three decades of experience has taught me that while it is beneficial to have additional resources to assist officers in detecting drugs,  an officer’s skills and knowledge will always be the backbone of border security.  It is officer training and skills that allow us to identify counterfeit items, determine undervaluation of commodities, among others. I look forward to serving many more years as a Customs Biosecurity Officer at the Division of Customs Biosecurity, Department of Finance.

Gregory P. Deleon Guerrero

Name:  Gregory P. Deleon Guerrero
Years of service: 30 years (all @ DPL)
Position: Director, Compliance Division, Department of Public Lands

“Working for one of the CNMI government’s most valuable resource that is public land is a rewarding and interesting experience.  You develop institutional knowledge and skills in the management aspects from an autonomous agency to a department under the Executive Branch. The challenges you face on a daily basis is quite overwhelming, and overcoming those challenges and obstacles with the help and support of staffs and management is truly satisfying.”

Sylvio S. Ada

Name:  Sylvio S. Ada
Years of Service:  28 years
Position:   Supervisor, juvenile Probation, Division of Youth Services

“The greatest satisfaction I get from my job is knowing that by the end of my working day, my daily task or goals as a Juvenile Probation Supervisor is accomplished.  In addition to ensuring my staff and I continue to change the lives and future of our youth by following no other than our DYS’ mission and that’s “Strengthening families to promote the well-being of children, youths and families” and Vision: “All families in the CNMI will be self-sufficient and self-reliant”

Erlinda Cabrera Naputi

Name: Erlinda Cabrera Naputi
Years of service: 30 years
Position: Library Director

“My job’s greatest satisfaction is ensuring that we continue to provide quality library services to our entire community in the Marianas (Saipan, Rota, Tinian).”

Elizabeth A. Furey

Name: Elizabeth A. Furey
Years of service: 9 years (January 2013 to the present)
Position: Executive director, Mariana Islands Nature Alliance

“I feel that the best affirmation of the work that MINA does is to see the engagement of our youth in environmental stewardship and how they embrace the realization that their actions today affect the future of the sustainability of the natural resources of the land and sea that we call home.”

Alfred L. Maratita

Name: Alfred L. Maratita
Position: Trades Technician, Marianas Visitors Authority
Years of service: 32 years

“The greatest satisfaction I get from working here at Marianas Visitors Authority is I get to be a part of a great agency and help make a difference in today’s economy. because tourism is everyone’s business.

Maria P. Muna

Name: Maria P. Muna
Position: Paralegal, Micronesian Legal Services Corp.
Years of service: 51 Years

“The greatest satisfaction I get from my job is helping people.”


Victorino Cepeda

Name: Victorino Cepeda
Position: External Affairs, Northern Marianas Technical Institute
Years of service: 14 years

“When I see a student enroll, take classes, then works in their skill they learned from our campus. That’s the greatest satisfaction to me.”

Teisha Helena Camacho Efraim

Name: Teisha Helena Camacho Efraim
Years of service: 2 years and 7 months
Position: Budget Officer, Commonwealth Bureau of Military Affairs

“The greatest satisfaction of being the budget officer is the fact that I have been entrusted to manage over $12 million in federal resources secured by the Commonwealth Bureau of Military Affairs through competitive grant funding opportunities.

As the budget officer, I’ve had the opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge in the CNMI government finance system, the intricacies of handling a budget through our established internal bookkeeping system, and in working closely with our partners at the Department of Finance on all of our financial matters.

In addition, I have first-hand knowledge of how critical of an impact the federal resources have on our economy through employment opportunities and with investment of those resources with local businesses to support CBMA’s personnel and operational requirements.

I joined CBMA only eight months from its official establishment by Gov. Ralph DLG Torres. I am privileged for the opportunity to be part of CBMA’s growth and of the progress that we have accomplished over the last short years. I am humbled that I am able to experience and contribute to CBMA’s mandate and to be part of the team across the CNMI government that work toward ensuring that our islands and our environment that we enjoy today will equally be enjoyed by our future generation.

I also would like to acknowledge that working with a team that supports each other in the workplace and in social settings has a positive impact on the work environment. We each have our role in contributing to CBMA’s mandate and I am honored to be the ‘go-to person’ for advice and guidance. I am always happy to provide them with assistance and support in the same manner that they extend to me.

I would like to extend my appreciation to Gov. Ralph DLG Torres for giving me the opportunity to work at CBMA. The opportunity to engage directly with various service components of the U.S. military has been truly rewarding.

My sincerest gratitude to Special Assistant Glenna Sakisat Palacios. She recognized my potential and she challenged me to step out of my comfort zone in order to grow and expand my limited experience when I first came on board to the vast knowledge that I now hold about CBMA ‘s entire operation. She has been a source of my motivation to overcome challenges and for inspiring me to take on a greater role in CBMA. I thank her for believing in me and for pushing me to grow with CBMA and to take ownership of the work that I do for the benefit of our people and our Commonwealth.”

Irene T. San Nicolas

Name: Irene T. San Nicolas
Years of service: 27 years and 6 months
Position:  Chamber Administrator, CNMI Judiciary

“The greatest satisfaction I get from working at the NMI Judiciary – Supreme Court is that I have been blessed all these years to work with wonderful, hardworking staff, management leaders, and the greatest bosses (Chief Justice Alexandro C. Castro; Associate Justices John A. Manglona and Perry B. Inos). It’s all about teamwork!”

Nora V. Borja

Name: Nora V. Borja
Years of service: 27+
Position:  Deputy Clerk of Court; former Judicial Assistant for the late Chief Justice Miguel S. Demapan

“My greatest satisfaction I get from my job is that I am very fortunate to come to work every day and be with awesome co-workers that work as a team and having the best judicial management and leaders as our boss.”

Patrick V. Diaz

Name: Patrick V. Diaz
Years of service: 25 years on Nov. 17, 2022
Position: Clerk of the Superior Court

“[The greatest satisfaction I get from my job is that] I am always looking forward to work with the best co-workers to ensure that access to the court system is always available to the people of the CNMI and knowing that every day, you at least helped someone navigate through the system.”

Rosie Jane T. Ada

Name: Rosie Jane T. Ada
Years of service: 27 years and 9 months (Since Jan. 30, 1995)
Position: Deputy Clerk II

“The greatest satisfaction from my job is knowing that I complete my task every day and come tomorrow to face another challenge. But most of all, I love to end my day’s work with a smile…”

Francisca Chong Ulloa

Name: Francisca Chong Ulloa
Position: Counseling Program Coordinator, Office of Curriculum and Instruction:  Mentoring Program, Homeschool Program, Junior Achievement Program, Family Engagement and Community Involvement, Counseling Program

Years in service: 35 years, 8 months with PSS.  Started in September 1986. Had a break between April 1989-July 1989

“[My greatest satisfaction is] making an impact and difference in a student’s life.”

Saipan Tribune

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