Your brain on dope


Eat it, drink it, inhale it, smoke it, shoot it, patch it.

So Ambrose Bennett and the Hemley couple desire for you to do it. How? Simple. As his very first official act in office Sen. Sixto Igisomar is lucky enough to get his “medical” marijuana bill passed into law courtesy of his majority GOP dopplegangers in congress up on the hill. No matter what, soon it’s open season for full pop, toke up recreational pot in the streets. As Slick puts it, “qualified” patients with debilitating medical conditions “Are not subject to arrest, prosecution or penalty.” Isn’t that a relief, a get-out-of-jail ticket for dopers. Start with the good ol’ boys up on the hill they need it the most. What’s next, legislative bong sessions called to order? It’s harmless, right? So swear the Hemleys, Bennett, and the pot smokers they know so well. Do it, get stoned, do a line or two, see if you keep your job the next morning.

Ambrose’s uncountable and tortured linguistic letters to the editor says, everybody and his mother can scoop up the billions in salape, so can you, and I want my cut, too. But wait. By February 2015 Colorado, one of the states specifically singled out by local pro-drugs advocates as being the multi-million, money making “green” machine our islands should emulate, is being sued in court by other neighboring states as well as its own citizens to cease and desist sales of recreational drugs. It appears the pro-druggies refuse to understand that the federal “supremacy” laws passed in the 1970s deem the sale and use of drugs is illegal.

What the create-me-a-job Bennett won’t tell you is that on June 18, 2015, the Colorado Supreme Court in a 6-0 decision, upheld the termination of a plaintiff/employee’s job, a quadraplegic, who sued his employer after failing a random drug test. Why? The plaintiff/dude tested positive for using “medical marijuana” pot. His failed defense? Told the justices he has spasms. The point won by the employer? “If you’re going to blow pot don’t come to work.” Where does the state go from here?The Supreme Court doesn’t make laws so now the Colorado lawmakers must reverse the very same law that Anxious Ambrose so dearly covets for his island brethren and his pockets. But who cares? Go make dough on the sly.

Oddly, Sixto is also declaring a “war on ice” because rampant crimes caused by meth heads really and truly bother him. Huh? Contradictory, slick. Why? Marijuana in cookies or brewed as tea, hookah (bong) pipes or just puffed anywhere at any time is a bad, bad problem and can cause brain damage no matter what Ambrose and Hemley claim. Look it up.

Recently there was a cute cartoon appearing in the local news rag called “Marianas Milk” whose editorial paints a picture of “Meth mouth” users. Pay close attention because it is very, very real. And they all became ice/shabu addicts after their first puff/use of weed. My friends do it so it must be okay, they convince themselves. Too bad. That’s the allure, the hook until it is too late. Drugging is not the way to end the day. What’s the lesson here? Don’t play with matches.

How do you know it’s true? Google “marijuana” and “crystal methamphetamine addiction.” Read all the articles. Next, download all the photographs of the meth mouth users. Then stick ‘em up on your refrigerator as a constant reminder for you and the kids. And while you’re at it, Google, “U.S. Controlled Substance Act (Schedule II). Eye-opener. Free-base burns? Crack babies born? Meth and cannabis addicts nodding off and stacked-up alongside feeble man’amkos gasping for air in the already overcrowded waiting room? Ouch! Something our inept hospital is ill-prepared to control much less fix. Then see what’s going to happen when the casino turns on its lights and the local pushers and Chinese connection get a real good handle on things.
The truth is out there if you seek to find it.

Lee Andersen
Via email

Jun Dayao Dayao
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