If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it


The recent release of the stimulus debit cards is just more proof of how ridiculous our governor can get when it comes to taking care of his people. We were already set up to receive any money from the local or federal government with a net-to-bank or a mailed check but the governor has a mentality of controlling the people, which is why he changed the methodology. The governor implemented a plan that forces everyone to have access to a computer, which is ridiculous for the thousands who don’t have this access, which means the governor made it harder for people and not easier. There are also some businesses that do not use the credit card system that denies citizens from accessing these businesses and eliminates these businesses from benefiting from the stimulus card. It seems that the more money we the people get, the more the governor tries to “help others before his own people” and the examples just seem to continue with no end in sight unless we the people realize that we must fire him and Arnold in 2022.

It was on the news the governor is pushing the airport authorities to “come up with new things” and I guess it doesn’t matter what because I hope the board won’t just go for anything just because it’s new. There are all kinds of schemes being promulgated to take advantage of the COVID-19 conditions throughout the world. We just witnessed it with our governor who was paying three and four times the cost you would pay at Walmart for masks and other COVID supplies, so it’s not a leap for someone to try and sell us “COVID-sniffing dogs” when the world is quickly racing to reach herd immunity that will signal the final decline and end of the pandemic with no need for sniffing dogs. The governor’s so-called “bubble tourism” burst before it could even get started, as it was an awful plan to start with, that offered no assurances or guarantees. It reminded me of the casino idea. If you believe the governor, South Korean tourists are now our primary market that most of us with common sense know is really nonsense, especially when the bubble has already burst! The governor and his crew are responsible for breaking our tourism industry and don’t know how to fix it.

And, please, leave the airport alone governor, as the airport ain’t broke, so don’t try to fix it. They are doing great without the governor pushing them to try things just to satisfy his personal intentions. I’m sure the airport authorities have far more important things to consider than “COVID sniffing dogs.” I’m just glad that our COVID response is really a CHCC matter, so the governor’s only job is to provide the resources.

More than anything, the governor needs to keep in mind to follow the KISS method (Keep it simple, stupid) instead of trying to come up with new ideas like the Northern Island deer thing and bubble tourism. It seems like every time this governor tries to come up with something new, we end up literally paying the cost and suffering the consequences in the loss of our money.

Voters also need to follow the KISS method to avoid electing the same people who got us into this economic, political and social mess with no end in sight! So keep it simple and vote Democrat or we could all be figuratively looking stupid, with a godfather and crew over our government again.

Ambrose M. Bennett
Kagman III, Saipan

Contributing Author
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