The pulpit bully


Robert Hunter, you have used your podium in the Governor’s Office to troll and bully citizens of the CNMI for too long and we are glad that you are gone! You have some nerve to try and insinuate that Tina is bad for the CNMI when you and your Gov. Ralph have been two of the worst things that have come along in the past two decades. You are making yourself look silly and like a sore loser for the entire CNMI to see. For me it is more about being jealous and envious that Tina continues to climb the ladder of success, as Tina and Leila were still able to get Arnold and Dave to agree on doing many of the things they had intended to implement. In the end, it was a win for the people in this election, which is who Tina and Leila were fighting for! It’s not changing the narrative like you are implying; it’s about changing and healing the political fabric of the CNMI that your governor, has decimated with his attempts to get everything his way. I’m just glad we also got rid of you having any chance of ever being back on Capital Hill.

You are attacking Tina because you know it’s not in her to even address your silly antics as she will always go high with dignity when people like you go low and ugly. You need to be glad you didn’t grow up in my old neighborhood because bullies like you, especially the ones who pick on girls or women, would get a real beat-down, but this verbal beating is all I can do to address your ugly and unnecessary attack on Tina.

FYI, Tina will one day be our governor as it’s just a matter of time. There were only 12 candidates in the Democrat Party but there were 29 GOP and 33 independents for a total of 12 against 62, which is one of the main reasons Tina lost if you want the true political science reason for her losing, not your alleged repudiation by voters, as she was just out-gunned and out-manned. The reality is Tina and Leila have created genuine unity and harmony in our political arena.

Robert Hunter, you are a nobody now still trying to be a somebody when the only titles you have gotten in the community is a troll and a bully. This guy needed to be put in his place with his ugly antics. I write about elected officials who are fair game and I only write the truth, it’s just that I put a point with an edge in my writing that can really make it hurt and I hope this one will penetrate your verbal skin. I hope and look forward to your reply so I can “finish you” as locals say, once and for all!

Ambrose M. Bennett
Kagman III, Saipan

Contributing Author
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