Political lessons learned


We are now seeing and learning about the horrific fraud that was played on voters in the U.S. mainland and in the CNMI. The truth is finally coming to the light, as we say, about Fox that shouldn’t even be considered a real news network, given the lies they have been spreading and knowing they were lies! It’s a sad time for the many American voters who believed and fell for the lies that Fox was spreading about the election and the Jan. 6, insurrection. I truly feel sorry for the Fox viewers who were caught up in the lies and coverup but I’m also ecstatic that the truth has finally found the light to shine on Fox for all to see. I never watched Fox because I knew they were a bunch of manipulators of the truth and it only took common sense to see it, but the problem was that too many Americans didn’t want to hear the truth because it’s like my friend Fabian says: “They can’t handle the truth.” If you are still watching Fox after the recent revelations then we can only pray that you will one day see the light and find your way to the real news network. I hope Fox viewers learned their lesson as America knows the truth.

The bigger problem is there was an entire political party (the GOP in the U.S. mainland and in the CNMI) was endorsing Trump and the Fox lies, which greatly contributed to voters being fooled and manipulated all in the name of one person, Trump. Don’t forget, Ralph was the first governor to go public for Trump and rushed to Washington to take a picture with him, but in the end Trump didn’t do anything to help the CNMI and we now know about all of the alleged crimes that Ralph committed that harmed the CNMI, yet he fooled over 6,000 voters.

I tried to warn readers about how our GOP was no different from the GOP in the mainland and I’m sure many of our citizens are now seeing the light too, which is why the GOP’s reign over the CNMI is over, as the majority of voters did see the light and chose better! It’s just sad the people who are suffering the most on Tinian and Luta.

Maybe it’s true what P.T. Barnum said about a sucker being born every minute, as we had over 6,000 voters who were literally suckered. I just pray they have seen the light and learned their lesson. I just hope my critics and naysayers now realize they need to give my admonitions much more weight and consideration, especially if you’ve learned your lesson, because you know to stop believing the hype, deflecting, gaslighting and lies and be smarter in voting for the truly honorable, humble and dedicated-to-the-people candidates so we don’t ever have to experience another Trump or Ralph in our future.

Ambrose M. Bennett
Kagman III, Saipan

Contributing Author
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