Reality check


I wonder what Juan and Marie Q. Public are thinking when they read “rebuilding trust, resilience, and vision” at the bottom of Gov. Torres and Lt. Gov. Palacios’ signs in small print. The fact that the most important thing they are promoting is in small print speaks loudly as to their real importance and it’s flabbergasting when you think about who is saying these words. The truth and reality are they are just words on a sign that will soon be forgotten if by some miraculous event either of them get re-elected.

The reality is I don’t trust these Republicans anymore after seeing the Senate murder our Constitution, laws, and ethical codes. I think the House should ask for “federal observers” in the pending election, given all the things that have transpired with a governor who is still under a RICO investigation, along with his loyal DPS commissioner who will be in charge of guarding the votes. It would be prudent and even safe to ask the feds for help. If Mr. “I-Have-Nothing-To-Hide” truly doesn’t have anything to hide, he shouldn’t mind the feds but he said that about explaining his alleged crimes, only to see him fighting to keep his executive assistant and himself from testifying.

Some may think I’m joking or just throwing potshots but I’m very serious as we can’t put anything past this governor if we expect fair play—federal observers are truly warranted, proper and may even be necessary if the Senate does not impeach.

I truly thought Sen. Hofschneider was smarter, as his two daughters I taught were exceptional academic students and well-grounded. I don’t know what happened to Dad, as I was truly thinking he would do the right thing. But he has chosen to put his career on the line for the governor, not the people! I’m just glad to see that there were two real Republican heroes in the House. Rep. Joel Camacho and Rep. John Paul have been the only Republicans so far who have chosen “right, just, and honor” over loyalty for the governor. I know that I’m always saying get rid of all the Republicans but I will be the first to say that everyone deserves a “second chance, especially when Joel Camacho and John Paul may be the only Republicans who deserve to be left standing after the dust settles on Judgment Day 2022. Only two of the younger Republicans did the right and just thing and thank you for being “real people,” as we say in my culture.

On another issue, can the House please get to the bottom of the pot before election day, where the beans that IPI has been cooking are now burned and stuck to the pot. The allegations of Republican politicians preying on IPI for their personal intentions is a very serious matter and could even be RICO-related. In fact, it was so serious Mr. Yumul quit and didn’t want any part of the mess. The reality is that it’s past time for a real oversight-hearing on IPI and their status as the casino commission is just playing around and we the people have too much tied up (over $100 million) in this investment that is a big part of the reason our economic outcomes in the near future is so gloomy, which is why a reality check is truly needed for the people.

You, governor, tried to boast and brag about what you have done but the only thing you really mentioned were the “roads” but it was really the feds and American taxpayers who paid for our road improvements. Saying you have done a lot of things but only mentioning one that wasn’t even yours, surely let voters with common sense know you were just deflecting, gaslighting and “poli-tricking” again. I used to teach my students that if you can’t see, feel, or touch what your representatives in government have done, then they probably haven’t done anything for you. I would like to humbly and respectfully ask voters, especially on Tinian and Luta, if you can think of three or even one major thing done by this governor or your senators that you can see, feel, or touch. If you can’t, then it should be obvious what you need to do come Judgment Day—get new and better leaders; it’s that simple.

Which reminds me, the people are also waiting to see what you and your Republican crew are going to do about Sen. Edith’s bill to give the people $500 to help with the high price of gas. Stop the deflecting and gaslighting and start doing something real to help the people.

Ambrose M. Bennett
Kagman III, Saipan

Ambrose M. Bennett
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